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Video || George Washington University Students Support Changing School Name

George Washington owned slaves. Enough said.

Such irony that these students are employing the freedom of speech George Washington secured for them. According to the video, seven out of ten students who were asked said the name of the school should be changed.

That’s what they’re learnin’ ’em in college these days. Not to mention the public schools.

If we are going to now be debating the legitimacy of our Founding Fathers, we will never heal the racial divide in this country.

4 Responses to Video || George Washington University Students Support Changing School Name

  1. If they’re really committed to this, they should do the right thing and transfer out to a school with a name that doesn’t offend them.

  2. Karl Marx Indocranation Center # 10 sounds good.
    All the other Indocranation Centers get the same name just a different numerical designation

  3. If anyone were to do some genealogical research on these people – the ones in this video, and anyone who promotes this crap – they would discover all of them are descended from “slave owners” of one kind or another.

  4. Nelson Mandela U, Che Guevara U,, Julius & Ethel Rosenberg U., Rosa Parks U., Picasso U., Gorbachev U., Frank Marshall Davis U., Jane Fonda U., Ho Chi Men U., katelyn Jenner U., Harvey Milk U., Arlo & Woodie Guthrie U., Pete Seeger U., Alfred Kinsey U., Hugh Hefner U., Gloria Steinman/Betty Friedman U. Timothy Leary U. John Lennon U. etc.- these & many others would make non offensive, appropriate names for today’s universities as they are the founding parents of today’s Amerika that most students can get behind in blissful ignorance which is knowledge.