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Video || Elizabeth Warren Suggests Electoral College Causes “Crumbling” of Democracy

Gosh, I know, it’s a terrible thing to lose an election. And Elizabeth Warren is clearly concerned that the same fate incurred by Hillary Clinton may await her – winning the popular vote but losing the Electoral College.

From remarks Warren made Tuesday at the “2018 Ideas Conference” for the left-wing think tank Center for American Progress:

Democracy is crumbling around us . . . In 2016, nearly 3 million more people votd for Hllary Clinton than for Donald Trumpm. But Trump took the presidency. That is not exactly the sign of a healthy democracy. Democracy hangs on the idea that whoever gets the most votes wins. That’s the central starting point, and it’s worth repeating every single day.


So she’s already setting things up so that she can try to undermine and reverse the results of the election should she be the Democratic nominee in 2020 and win the popular vote while losing the Electoral College. Expect a sustained barrage against the Electoral College from Democrats in order to stir opposition to it and a potential crisis – even rioting in the streets – if the same thing happens in 2020 with the vote.

We keep the Electoral College today to ensure all Americans have a voice. So that presidential candidates don’t spend all their time campaigning in New York City and Los Angeles and have to make it out to Iowa and Minnesota. Democrats love diversity and multiculturalism, except when it comes to elections.

Warren surely understands that we don’t live in a democracy. We live in a republic, a representative democracy that prevents a tyranny of the majority and forces presidential candidates to have wide appeal to various portions of the electorate, not just respond to one or two factions. And yes, the Electoral College could still – as was intended by the Framers – prevent the ascension of a potential tyrant into office, since it still formally decides the election.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

21 Responses to Video || Elizabeth Warren Suggests Electoral College Causes “Crumbling” of Democracy

  1. Here is an excellent explanation why we have the Electoral College. Just 5 minutes long.

    One America News TV network has been reporting about the bloated voter rolls in California. All California requires is a driver’s license to vote. They do not have to prove they are a citizen. They know many illegal Mexicans are registered to vote. As of April 1st one is automatically registered when they get their driver’s license.

  2. Liz …. answer this one…. if as you say, the Electoral College system causes the crumbling of democracy, how is it that the USA is still a democratic republic, as it was when the Constitution was adopted by the Constitutional Convention in 1787 and affirmed in 1788?

    Isn’t your real complaint that Hillary blew it for many reasons … so many in fact that she is writing a series of 30 books explaining each reason!

  3. “nearly 3 million more people votd for Hllary Clinton than for Donald Trump”

    And all of them in California.

    Wonder why they refuse to mention that?

  4. Warren has proven over time what a total Looney LEFTIE she is, alot smarter people than she and her crowd set up the USA.

  5. Sure, let’s upend the whole election process from coast to coast. No more Dem or Repub titles on the ballot, everyone is welcome to join the fight. Simple majority wins, not those that get more than 50% of the vote – a 11% vote wins over the other 10 candidates who only got 9%.
    We’ll have to make a law that demands that all residents vote, or else.
    (oh, this is fun)
    The point: don’t mess with what works.

  6. The U.S. does NOT want to be run by large cities packed with liberal voters. The something for nothing Dem. voters would keep voting themselves other people’s money and wreck the country as they have done to the major cities.

    Many States although small in population contribute much more to the nation then the mobs dwelling on the coasts. One farmer’s vote is worth a hundred welfare drones bloc votes when it comes to contributing to America. Liberals can not win the national election with their programs and policies so they call for changing the rules after over 200 years.

    If the concession to having an Electoral College was not made in the 1700’s there would be NO USA. States feared rule by States with large populations and NEVER would have signed the Constitution.

    BY THE WAY Lizzy each state having two Senators seems to violate your precious “democracy” ideal. You giving up your seat soon? Two Senators is the same idea as an Electoral College balancing the States powers to keep dominance by a few large States over smaller ones. Pretty smart Founders.

    • OH! good point! So the little populated states probably wouldn’t even get a US Senator and, say, Texas would get 10 US Senators. whoa. Congressional seat rules would upend everything.
      Popular votes rule!
      oh what a mess that would be.
      The Dems are idiots who spew nonsense.

  7. And don’t forget – Dhimmicraps LOVED the Electoral College when they were urging the Electors to vote against Trump on December 6, 2016. And of course Hillary wound up losing MORE votes to “faithless electors” than Trump. The liberals STILL CAN’T ACCEPT the results of the 2016 election.

  8. Clinton lost the election because, among other reasons, she is quite dishonest. She does not believe in the concepts of honor, integrity, and honesty. She believes in what she can get away with.

  9. Also worth pondering:

    When the process is state-level, one or two overstuffed ballot boxes (Philadelphia, Cleveland, I’m looking hard at you guys) can’t impact the national numbers.

    They might be able to swing a state with 2000% turnout in a Democratic machine precinct, but that would only affect one state.

    It’s an election integrity issue, as well.

  10. As to Mzzzz Warren’s ramblings on all things political, I would suggest she muse awhile on these words: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”— ABRAHAM LINCOLN.