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Trump Misses His “Hopey”

From the Daily Beast:

As Donald Trump’s comms operation has reached a Lord of the Flies level of disarray, the president and many of his staffers find themselves waxing romantic about a bygone Hope Hicks era.

Hicks’ departure left a leadership vacuum in the West Wing that has yet to be filled.

“He obviously misses her and still talks about her often,” the West Wing aide noted, comparing it to “empty nest syndrome.”

Hicks’ value to Trump often had little to do with her official title. She was a prominent source of personal support and comfort for an increasingly isolated president and considered like close family.

“I don’t know that anyone else can really do the job the way it needs to be done because of how the president operates,” a former Trump White House official previously told The Daily Beast. “Hope always seemed like the only workable solution to that. Big loss in that respect.”

The piece suggests that the lack of a likable leader has made internecine conflict in the White House, and the resulting leaking, even worse.

According to two sources who have spoken with the president about this issue in recent days, he has expressed his desire for at least one prominent “leaker” to be conclusively identified and “dealt with,” in order to make an example of him or her.

That would be a good start.

4 Responses to Trump Misses His “Hopey”

  1. Perhaps honorable brilliant genius advisors from NK Hermit Nation, no understand rule for dis poker game, no?

    You finish off nuke program. You makee ICBM. You end up smoking pit of hot glass.


  2. “She was a prominent source of personal support and comfort for an increasingly isolated president and considered like close family……lack of a likeable leader…”
    There he is – a pariah sitting at the desk in the Oval Office. Hated and feared by all, he sits in his aloneness contemplating his failures.
    What a bunch of hooey and an insult , not only to him, but to the millions of Americans who are grateful and thankful that he is our President.
    They never stop, never. His wife hates him, wishes she was back in Slovenia. His staff is a motley crew of misfits, traitors, and low lifes. His children are money grubbers or lacking in morals. His agenda is a flop. Nothing he does is worthwhile.
    And he has funny hair.

    We’re so sick and tired of this slop coming from people who have big public platforms.
    OK – he’s not a laid-back stoned fool like Obama who hopped down the stairs of AF-1 and sent out goof y photos of himself to the public.
    He’s a serious boss and we have all had one on those – the guy/gal who didn’t have time or patience with fools or loafers.
    Get over it! He’s your President, too.

  3. I have read a lot of biographies on famous people. Some of the things I have noticed many of them have in common is they are very driven type “A” personality people. And they are not the laid back easy to get along personalities. So what if President Trump is a trying boss? That is what made him successful. He makes high demands of himself and expects it from the people around him. I have worked with those people. It can be very rewarding.