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Poll: Israeli Jews Think Trump is Just Great

Fifty-nine percent of Jewish Israelis have a favorable opinion of President Trump, about 20 points higher than the positive reviews given Trump by Americans, according to a new Unversity of Maryland poll.

The survey, which was described by the pollster in Politico, found that 70 percent of Orthodox Israeli Jews back Trump, but even 45 percent of secular Jewish Israelis support him while only 30 percent of them have an unfavorable view.

The pollster, Shibley Telhami, cautions that the poll was conducted as Trump announced his decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, a move that could have bumped his number up.

The poll also found that 73 percent of Jewish Israelis support moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and believe now is the time to do it.

9 Responses to Poll: Israeli Jews Think Trump is Just Great

  1. I wonder what percentage of American Jews approve of Trump? Bet it’s nowhere near 59%. Why is this, Keith? Trump is the most pro-Israel President in nearly 40 years! Since Reagan!

    • It is thesis plus antithesis equals synthesis. It is stealth psychosis injected into the mob mind by the ones who play both sides to insure their not so invisible dominance.

  2. Well I’m hardly surprised as Trump’s wasted no time at all in scrapping all his entire anti-war, America-first campaign platform to instead throw Americans under the bus and back into the role of cash cows and canon fodder for Israel’s endless Yinon Plan wars of aggression.

    Still illegally occupying Syria. Making plans for nation building and pointless wars in Iran. Borders at home still wide open, can’t even manage to stop the caravans of illegals from crossing. Nothing about that stop and frisk to address crime in urban areas.

    Trump turned out to be a dime-a-dozen neocon pawn for Israel. And he’s surrounded himself with other such people too.