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Media Say Cuba Embassy Opening is “Historic;” Jerusalem is “Controversial”

This is just a great video contrasting the media’s treatment of Barack Obama’s decision to open a U.S. embassy in the brutal totalitarian dictatorship with Cuba and President Trump’s opening of an embassy in Jerusalem.

As you might have guessed, nobody thinks it’s a big deal to grant this concession to the Cuba tyrants, who as far as I’ve seen have changed their behavior very little since Obama did this years ago. But do something that upsets Hamas and supports the democratic Israeli state, and oh boy, you’ve got a problem.

A big H/T to the Washington Free Beacon.

4 thoughts on “Media Say Cuba Embassy Opening is “Historic;” Jerusalem is “Controversial””

  1. The everlasting mystery is why the left leaning media choose the Islam domineered countries over the democratically ruled Israel. For all their virtue signals of honoring women and gays and every other group, the MSM’s consistent support of a regime/religion that debases and actually kills these groups is confusing.
    As an American Christian who believes in free choice for all of us, being of another religion isn’t going to upset me or cause me to insult or discriminate true believers.
    What could the people of Israel have done to the people who write the drivel on the MSM to make them so hateful, so derogatory in every reference to the Jewish state.
    We know there are many practicing Jews in the MSM and the entertainment industry as well as every other business, so where is this hatred coming from, what is their goal.
    TMI: my granddaughter’s husband’s family escaped from communist Cuba years ago. They lost everything they owned and were tortured as traitors before they could make their escape to Florida.
    Perhaps the MSM might want to interview some of these families before they crow about or praise Cuba.

    1. Deep in their dark leftist hearts the Media wants control of the population through its slanted information and “selling” its candidates.

      Democracy does not offer them the power and control they long for. Their lip service to tolerance and diversity does not extend to their newsrooms or their management. Just look at the Boards of major media organizations.

      Their “support” of blocs and groups is just a front that allows them to claim moral high ground while consolidating their power and control.

      Media has always supported any group (Communists, radical leftists and others) that opposes individual freedom and favors those promoting bigger government and State controls over the population.

      Herding sheep is much easier then free Americans with guns. I know that and so do they.

  2. You can thank Cuba for the mess in Venezuela. They took it over without firing a shot. When Chavez was in power he would go visit Fidel every 3 weeks/month.

  3. Before & during WWII, the CPUSA, within the American press, would clamor for American support of the Soviet Union when it was advantageous to them as our ‘allies’ or to disapprove of policies that would weaken the USSR’s military power against the Axis. But in the case of today’s American commercial media that negatively judges Israeli actions, yet is largely composed of that same people, it may be ‘doublespeak’ where the opposite is meant for ‘those in the know’ while the ‘prefane’ are sent into psychosis.

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