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Kim Jong-Un Already Jerking the United States Around

I’m telling you. You don’t believe me, but I’m telling you, this is all a bunch of nonsense.

Kim Jong-Un is now doing the national dance of North Korea for us. It’s called, “The Bait and Switch.” I think Chubby Checker invented. Come on now, I know some of you remember Chubby Checker. I don’t, but I remember commercials when I was a kid where you get his music and other oldies for a reasonable price, plus shipping and handling.

I understand shipping. What’s “handling”?

Anyhoo . . .  Kim is trying to use all the niceness he’s been pouring on us now to say he’ll cut off the spigot unless we cancel a military exercise he’s known about for months. This is how it goes down, the North Koreans make “concessions,” like giving up a nuclear testing site they already tested into oblivion, and then all of a sudden make demands, pull back things they’ve offered, and then ultimately, if there is a deal, cheat.

Considering how horrifying a war with North Korea would be, it’s more than tempting to get swept up in Kim Jong-Un’s bullshit. But he is never going to give up his nuclear weapons or his drive to perfect missiles that can transport them to right over your head and mine.

Like I’ve said, it’s worth a try. And President Trump and National Security Advisor John Bolton are the two exact people I want doing this, because they’re the least likely to get suckered by North Korea. But even they can fall into a cycle of negotiation that looks so promising they will be under enormous pressure not to walk away.

If the deal does not provide immediate and completely verifiable results, they must walk away. This is a very dangerous game Kim is playing with us.

17 thoughts on “Kim Jong-Un Already Jerking the United States Around”

  1. Trump should just tweet:
    “Well, Rocket Man, if you cancel the June 12 meeting in Singapore, I just won’t miss out on my birthday party with friends on June 14”

  2. Seriously. Perhaps My President is playing small ball in hopes of aiding the tens of thousands of North Korean citizens imprisoned in work camps. Let’s start there.

  3. No Meet on 6-12?

    No Problem…

    We’re planning on being in NKorea this summer sometime…. we’ll have Mattis look you up when he is in town…

  4. I’ve said this many times before.
    Kim may think that he’s dealing with the same buffoons that occupied the Oval Office before but President Trump is one of them.

  5. We knew this was coming, the big bluff.
    Call it, MrTrump. He got nothing.

    Chubby Checker – heck, I remember Bill Haley and the Comets. Little Richard when he was actually a little kid.

  6. Fat Boy is playing us….under direction of the Chinese. He agreed much too quickly to a meeting with Trump. Kim is a psychopath, and can never be trusted. Ever.

  7. …don’t know about ‘cha all’ but i know Trump went into this ‘summit’ thang w/chubs with his eyes wide open. i always knew chubs had the potential to play games with U.S. and he’s proving im right all along. i knew he’d wait til the last minute and then pull out. little coward! the war games btween big C and US have gone on for decades – nothing new – so using that old worn out excuse is such farce!

  8. Kim’s tantrum is all about China’s tariffs…Xi wants it his way and Trump says NO so Xi sends out Kim to embarrass Trump. PTrump will have the last say…wait for it. WINNING.

  9. The plot thickens!!! OK..not so much…
    Let’s see how this goes forward. Anyone that thought this wasn’t going to be a slippery ride is stupid.
    The worst thing that’s going to happen is the world will be where it was in relation to NK a year ago, but with 3 Americans home where they belong.

  10. The Twist brought back some pleasant memoirs.
    It was introduced in 1960. Thanks for posting.

    If an agreement is ever reached I say bring the nuclear and missile engineers to the USA and set them up with the good life. Why would North Korea need them if the program is ended. Plus you don’t want the engineers going to Iran and work on their program.

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