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Conway Expects Firings Over White House Leak

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway Monday evening said she expects heads to roll as the result of leaks of a comment White House communications aide Kelly Sadler made during an internal meeting.

“I had several discussions with the president on this very topic today,” Conway said on Fox News, another way of saying that President Trump is furious.

Asked by Fox News host Martha MacCallum if she expects personnel changes, Conway said “I do, actually. Yes, I do.”

Sadler is the one who made a wisecrack about John McCain dying.

It’s incredible that no one – correct me if I’m wrong – has been fired yet specifically for leaking. It’s as if a Walmart is being shoplifted every day and all the management has got is some overweight unarmed rent-a-cop snoozing on a stool in the back of the store.

Such a sad irony that a president who demands loyalty more than others gets so little of it.

3 Responses to Conway Expects Firings Over White House Leak

  1. John McCain called me and everyone like me “crazies”, but he never apologized for the insult.
    If late-night show hosts can call the POTUS crazy, insane, incestuous, a sodomite, a traitor, and a Nazi-fascist Russian agent without any of the current delicate souls in government and the media calling them out for it, then this is just another Trump-bashing event.
    MsSadler told the truth and the truth hurts. It might not have been the most sensitive thing to say about an enemy of the Trump agenda, but she believed she was speaking in a private meeting. She apologized for the hurt the McCain family claims, she doesn’t need to be fired for speaking the truth.

  2. Imagine

    It doesn’t matter, so and so is not running for re-election…

    It doesn’t matter, this won’t get out of committee….

    It doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway….

    Politics is not for the thin skinned types like McCain…Who can dish it out but cannot take it (insert reference to POW/hero status as required by Rino/libtards).

    Frank discusses require trust…. clean out the leakers Mr. President. Best to you and your wife (speedy recovery) and family.