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President Trump Visits Melania in the Hospital

President Trump this afternoon spent more than an hour visiting with Melania after she underwent an embolization at Walter Reed medical center for what the White House is terming a benign kidney condition.

The surgery was successful, according to the White House, but Melania will have to remain in the hospital the rest of hte week. There were few details, but the Daily Beast has a good take on what might be going on:

“In this procedure, an interventional radiologist uses imaging guidance to insert a catheter into a primary artery and advance it to blood vessel leading to a tumor or other area where the blood supply needs to be blocked,” the organization’s website says. “Special substances which clot and form a blockage are then injected.”

While the particulars of Melania Trump’s kidney condition aren’t yet known, Dr. Mohamad Allaf, the director of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Urological Surgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, said patients most commonly undergo the procedure if they have “a benign kidney tumor, a growth in the kidney.”

“The most common benign tumor of the kidney is something called a angiomyolipoma,” he explained. “Angio meaning blood vessel, myo meaning muscle, lipoma meaning fat.”

But he added that angiomyolipoma is not common for men or women Trump’s age. “It would be a rare kidney condition,” Allaf said . . .

Allaf found it curious that Trump’s procedure required such a lengthy hospital stay, describing it as “atypical.”

“It is typically an outpatient procedure. People would get embolized and go home the same day or night,” he explained. “In the press release, it said she would be out for the rest of the week, and we’re on Monday. So to me, that implies that either the situation is a little bit more complex or perhaps, if it is an aneurysm or a tumor or a growth, it’s either complex or large.”

This doctor who appeared on Fox was not particularly surprised she would stay in the hospital.

12 Responses to President Trump Visits Melania in the Hospital

  1. Heard about Melania’s hospitalization on Hannity. Love her and feel genuine concern that she is remaining there all week. Quoting the Daily Beast? I’m not feeling that one.

  2. We get that she might wish privacy about this , but she’s not just MrsTrump or Barron’s mother, she’s our FLOTUS.
    We want to know – was this a sudden attack, was it planned, what happened, why is she going to be hospitalized for a week, what is the prognosis…etc.
    Because the news was so vague and unexpected, rumors of horrible illnesses or a stroke or who knows was spread across the country.
    Just tell us about it, we all wish her well and hope she comes home soon.

  3. Seemed odd that she would stay in hospital for a week for what is being indicated to be a minor procedure.

    All indications is the procedure was a success.

    Pray that she recovers.

  4. Perhaps she just needs to rest after the procedure and all that she had been a part of beforehand. Just leave First Lady Melania alone so she can recuperate at her own pace.

  5. Uhhh – I agree with all of the above’s concerns. My only question is – “Dr. Mohamad Allaf, the director of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Urological Surgery” – That don’t sound too positive for an anti-Islam president does it?

    Maybe for Mooch-Hell and the O’bungler but NOT for this ALL-AMERICAN President.

    • Are you serious??
      You’re turning this analysis into a religious/Islamic issue based on the doctor’s name?
      What the hell is an ALL-AMERICAN?

  6. Ron in Ohio Sez:
    To answer your stupid question; “What the hell is an ALL-AMERICAN?”

    It’s a Non-Koran adherent that DOES NOT believe that ALL non-believer’s must be killed! I have a cautious aversion to ANY Muslim name after living so many years in the Detroit area. It’s a LEGAL immigrant who assimilates into our “ALL AMERICAN” society.

    Go ahead – Live among them, try to see how they are assimilating into our culture and than come back and criticize me.

    As a point of reference; I am not talking from the point-of-view of a RACIST! – Muslim is NOT a race! It’s a terrorist ideology – NOT a religion!

    My wife had excellent surgical work done by an Indian Orthopedic Surgeon in the Detroit area and is currently under the care of an renown Black Vascular Surgeon here in Ohio.

    My point is; Color, Ethnicity and Race DO NOT MATTER! Ideology DOES!

    And Trump and ALL of his family are fair game to ANY avowed Muslim.

    If I misjudged the man because of his name I apologize to him. NOT to you and your narrow-minded thinking.

    • Yeah, what the hell do I know?
      I only spent roughly 3 yrs in countries that have Islam as their official national religion.
      And I felt safer there than I would feel even visiting Detroit.
      Nice chatting with you.
      P.S.- those Muslims seem to be more respectful in addressing strangers than you.

  7. Mrs. Trump could use the week off considering her feminine propriety being scrutinized within the smog of commercial media. (It was strange that she was referred to as ‘Trump’ by certain of them.) Hopefully she will be released in a timely & recovered condition from Bethesda- unlike 3 notable post-war Americans who were not.

  8. I agree with Clichae above. FLOTUS was very active last week, went to meet the three men that were held captive in North Korea. She may have had this planned and doesn’t want MSM doing their usual freaking out, lying, etc.