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No, Kelly Sadler Should Not Resign for Joking About McCain Dying

A White House staffer, Kelly Sadler, reportedly made a bad joke during a private meeting, something about how John McCain will soon be dead so it doesn’t matter how he votes on President Trump’s CIA nominee, Gina Haspel.

Someone went running to the press and word got out. Sadler reportedly did the right thing and called Meghan McCain, the senator’s daughter, to apologize. The call apparently did not go well and Miss McCain is calling for Sadler’s head.

That’s ridiculous, and I hope the White House stands its ground on this one. Meghan McCain has a right to be ungracious, she’s suffering, although it would have been more impressive if she just accepted the apology.

But you don’t ruin someone’s career – and if she’s good at what she does, harm the country – over a dumb joke made during one of their 16-hour days at the White House. Not any more than John McCain should have had his career ruined for continuing to casually and apparently regularly use the racist term “gooks” to describe the North Vietnamese 30 years after they tortured him.

This country needs to lighten up about language and offense. The over-sensitivity we see if a function of how trivial our daily lives have become, how there is so little meaning that we need insult to find something to be passionate about.

And worse, of course, it’s a part of the political correctness that is suppressing speech and enforcing left-wing thought on the nation. It’s exactly what President Trump was elected to combat, the one silver lining of his own rude behavior.

So far, so good. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders today declined to get into it with reporters over the remarks. Good show. Stick with it.

14 thoughts on “No, Kelly Sadler Should Not Resign for Joking About McCain Dying”

  1. Thank goodness we have the 4th estate focusing on, and reporting on, the proper national priorities. I sleep much better at nights knowing this.

  2. One of the rules of good business, spoken or unwritten, is that one doesn’t tattle what was said during meetings to the Press or anyone. Candid conversations or explorations of different ideas can be misconstrued or reveal secrets that are best kept quiet.
    Who told and why they felt justified in blabbing what was obviously an off-the-cuff remark is a constant reminder that MrTrump is surrounded by traitors, liars, and self-serving associates, even in the WhiteHouse.

  3. Ms. McCain, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Or–like father, like daughter.

    You have to have thicker skin.

  4. “The times they are a-changing” in America, for certain. Snowflakes abide everywhere, not just in the colleges.
    Who leaked the closed-door session remark? Most likely someone else eager to impeach President Trump. I agree with Keith that Kelly Sadler should remain where she is.
    It is sad that John McCain is on his deathbed, but he also seems to believe he is justified in tearing down people. He was a member of the “gang of 8” during President Bush’s time in office, he voted against repeal of Obamacare, he stayed close to Obama during his 8 years in office, so what are people to think? The retired general might have known more than what the general public have been led to believe.

  5. Apparently Meghan hasn’t gotten to the “acceptance” part of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s death advice. Stuck at “anger.”

  6. Well said, Keith. Demanding apologies is, indeed, getting old. What exactly did Meghan McCain think she was going to accomplish with her fit of public pique at Sadler’s comment? Sadler’s comment was made without thinking. Meghan McCain has had a while to consider what she’s doing. And yet she continues (to demand apologies).

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  8. What caught me about your post Keith was “But you don’t ruin someone’s career”.

    I agree, Kelly Sadler made a mistake and could perhaps take some time to reflect on her values, who she is, and who she wants to be vs. who she is turning into. On the larger scale, we all know, Donald Trump not only “fires” people, he does it publicly, with great indignity, and careers are either ruined or skid to such a halt they can never fully recover. Not only that, it appears to me, quite clearly, Trump enjoys the act of “firing”.

    Pick a team. White House employs her. She’s not been fired. So far, all good.

    The only pending item is if the White House can take the high road and issue the apology.

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