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John Kelly: Trump is “Super Smart”

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly sought to dispel every rumor that’s been floated against him, indicating President Trump is highly intelligent and that he has never given serious thought to quitting.

From NPR’s summary of its interview with Kelly, in which he suggests that far from quitting, he wishes he was at the White House from Day One.

Kelly says they have “a close relationship” and spend up to eight hours a day together.

“My view is to speak truth to power. I always give my opinion on everything. He always listens,” he said. “Sometimes he takes the opinion, sometimes he doesn’t” . . .

“In retrospect, I wish I had been here from day one,” Kelly told NPR. “I think in some cases in terms of staffing or serving the president that first six months was pretty chaotic and there were people some people hired that maybe shouldn’t have.”

When asked whether he had ever seriously considered leaving the post of White House chief of staff, Kelly said emphatically, “No.”

“There’s times of great frustration, mostly because of the stories I read about myself or others that I think the world of, which is just about everybody who works at the complex and wonder whether it’s worth it to be subjected to that,” he said.

Kelly also said he thinks the president is “a super smart guy.”

First of all, it’s a little strange choosing NPR to say how much you admire President Trump. It’s a like going to the Soviet Union to proclaim your love for capitalism. The best place for this would be Fox and Friends, which the president would surely be watching. But either way, Kelly’s words matter, because it suggests strongly that he wants to stay on as chief of staff, at least for now.

6 thoughts on “John Kelly: Trump is “Super Smart””

  1. “super smart”, is he? Gee Whiz, the guy who beat out the establishment’s best and then the Dems last hope is more than super smart.
    The sore loser MSM/Dems who couldn’t convince the American public that MrTrump was demented, insane, suffering from a mental disease is the same guy who defeated them at every confrontation, who upended the foreign nations who were taking advantage of previous ill-advised contracts or treaties, and who is on the way to settling decades of implied and sometimes, definite threats to our country.

    Genius is a better adjective to describe our President.

  2. The President is still standing and still erasing the legacy of the worse president to ever sit in the White House, in spite of the demorats and the swamp and the rino’s throwing everything at him but the kitchen sink. It is their own cohorts who have been exposed and removed and made to look very foolish.

  3. “…it’s a little strange choosing NPR to say how much you admire President Trump.”

    Au contraire, KK. He spoke truth where it needed to be spoken to people who desperately needed to hear it. Who knows how far the ripples will extend. Much to gain, perhaps, and certainly nothing to lose.

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