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Video || Pelosi Promises to Raise Taxes if Democrats Take the House

Yes, because that’s what Democrats do. She must feel pretty confident of victory to be so blunt about it.

This tax increase will take the form of rolling back last year’s tax reform law.

“I do think we should revisit the tax legislation in a way that we always have, in a bipartisan, transparent way, that the result is unifying for the country,” she said during a recent appearance.

Well, yes, I suppose misery is unifying.

5 Responses to Video || Pelosi Promises to Raise Taxes if Democrats Take the House

  1. And Max Waters said impeachment proceedings will begin on the day Congress convenes. She has not said that yet. I am beating her to her to the punch.

    Pelosi will say the tax cuts add to the deficit. What is adding to the deficit is President Trump is having to spend extra to re-build the military. The military was neglected under Obama. Giving 99 weeks unemployment was much more important. Plus giving billions to Iran and so on, so on.

  2. What a wonderful idea to put on the Dem platform! Everyone wants to pay more taxes, I mean, who wouldn’t? duh.
    Here’s a few more great ideas for the Dems:
    1. Illegal aliens will be first in line for American government jobs!
    2. Make it a federal offense to label restrooms as “men or women”.
    3. Enact a Medicare cutoff at 68 years of age.
    4. Declare the Republican party a ‘terrorist organization’.
    Yessiree, victory awaits!