In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Live Stream || Trump Rally in Elkhart, Indiana

8 thoughts on “Live Stream || Trump Rally in Elkhart, Indiana”

  1. He’s loving it and they’re loving him.
    We can’t blame him for these rallies or for seeking approval that the elites in DC and NYC and LA refuse to give him – no matter on what issue or what matter.
    He uses his twitter account to bypass the sore loser media and anti-Trump forces to reach out to the people and it’s working.

    About Melania: For all that she is one of the most beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated women to ever grace the White House, we don’t see her photos anywhere, no glossy magazine covers, nada.

    1. And when corporate newspapers and magazines do have a Melania photo, the caption or story is very often snarky and insulting. That’s something they NEVER did with Michelle Obama. Not once.

  2. Trump loves these rallies and the crowd loves him. It’s going to be a fun election season watching him campaign and I’m predicting that, once again, he will accomplish something Obummer never could – he’ll keep the House and the Senate in his midterm elections.

  3. In case you missed it, this is lovely and very touching:

    “Vice President Mike Pence has shared part of a personal note he was handed this morning from a returning detainee. It is unknown who specifically handed him the note; however Kim Dong Chul is an ordained minister and was held captive the longest (3 years).”


    Click the link to see VP Pence’s tweet and the note he shared.

  4. I happened to catch part of his remarks; tuned in shortly before he did his riff on the London Embassy. He KILLED it and the crowd ate it up. He’s not the most articuate, most polished speaker and never will be. But, he doesn’t need to be an orator — he communicates with his base just fine. And, I think that whoever is writing his speeches manages to get enough other stuff in their that Trump can pick up other main stream folks who perhaps normally vote Democratic. Maybe the old Blue Dog Dems. I can’t predict the fall elections but I do think there’s a decent chance he’ll come out of it ok. A lot depends on the Republicans nominating solid candidates.

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