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Hillary Clinton on Iran Deal Withdrawal: “Our Credibility is Shot”

Actually, no.

Hillary Clinton complained Wednesday that nobody’s going to trust the United States anymore now that President Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal.

First of all, please, shut up. You were picked to be secretary of state without having an ounce of foreign policy or negotiating experience, and it showed, much to our detriment.

And go away. Your credibility is shot when you set up a secret email server, dropped classified information on it, and deleted 3,000 emails.

Secondly, the credibility of the United States was shot when Barack Obama decided to violate the Constitution and negotiate a treaty without getting the approval of the United States Senate. In fact, not only did Obama not have the two-thirds majority needed to approve the agreement under the Constitution, there were about 58 senators who were against it.

So what was negotiated was not an agreement between the United States and Iran. It was an agreement between Barack Obama and Iran. And Barack Obama is no longer president.

28 Responses to Hillary Clinton on Iran Deal Withdrawal: “Our Credibility is Shot”

  1. Since we (the voters) are not privy to the details of this agreement with Iran, we have to assume the uproar by the Iranians at the US refusal to renew it means that it was beneficial to them, not us.
    Clinton/Obama/Kerry et at are upset that we won’t be part of the deal now, and the Iranians are shouting “death to America” so, again, we can assume that this really was a bad deal for us and a good deal for Iran.

    MrsClinton should take her sore-loser act and stuff it. Anywhere she likes.

  2. I long for the day the previous administration will shut their mouths. You had your turn, you failed miserably at it. Just because you said it was a good deal, doesn’t make it so. I would like to have the millions of foreign currency back we delivered on pallets to Iran. You know no good came from that. Unless you count sponsoring terrorism, then it was a huge success.

    • Would that be like when Bill Clinton worked out the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances to take ALL NUKES from Ukraine in exchange for the assurance we would defend them from a Russian invasion? And when Putin invaded, Obama gave Russia a pass saying it was not a real agreement ?

  3. Actually it was more like 33,000 emails which are REQUIRED BY LAW to be saved since they are official government records. But since when did the law apply to the Clintons? Never. Especially according to the Lamestream Media.

  4. Not only did he not have the Senate behind him, the Iranians did not sign it.
    This whole thing has been a hoax on the American People from day one.

  5. “So what was negotiated was not an agreement between the United States and Iran. It was an agreement between Barack Obama and Iran. And Barack Obama is no longer president.”

    This cannot be repeated often enough.

    It was not a binding agreement in any way, shape or form.

  6. If anyone’s credibility is shot, it’s yours, Lying Hillary. Go trip down a flight of stairs you disgraceful hag.

  7. This deal with Iran is no more than a document that is purely political in nature. It is a so-called agreement between President Obama and Iran which was never approved by Congress. Was never signed by any Iranian government official. It is not a treaty. In the end Obama administration went ahead with the deal though Iran never signed it. The Iranian government did not want to go that far because they felt it was too strong a commitment to make. And yet the Iranian government acts as if we have unilaterally backed out of a treaty. So tell us liberals, why is it terrible to kill this bogus arrangement? Why is it such a threat to do so? Of course we know it is because it is one more chink in Obama legacy.

  8. This women whom has no credibility at all wants to now tell us we have no credibility. She is so insane and stupid it is a gift that we were spared her being POTUS.

  9. Really, Hillary! You think the US credibility is shot? Boy are you wrong. That is just one of the millions of reasons I, as a woman, did not vote for you in either election. You are a dimwit.