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Trump to Kerry: “You Are Hurting Our Country”

So what’s new?

John Kerry was a disastrous secretary of state who gave us the ruinous Iran deal, did nothing about North Korea, and now is interfering with President Trump’s foreign policy by illegally conducting his own.

Kerry has been meeting with foreign leaders, including the Iranians, in an attempt to save his precious, painstakingly negotiated handiwork.

Trump tweeted Tuesday morning:

As usual, Trump has homed right in on his enemy’s weakness. Kerry no doubt can’t get over the fact that he never became president. So he had to do “big things” as secretary of state. He tried to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and when that failed, he struck a grand bargain with the ayatollahs that essentially just delays recognition of their nuclear program.

I think Trump should confront Iran, but I think he should wait until he has settled things with North Korea, as I wrote here. But John Kerry needs to spend more time sail surfing and less time adding to the damage he has done to this country.

I mean, the guy can’t even figure out whether to give a hug or a handshake.

8 Responses to Trump to Kerry: “You Are Hurting Our Country”

  1. Where is the special prosecutor to investigate John Kerry’s collusion with the Russian, Chinese, and Iranian governments?