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How About One Nuclear Confrontation at a Time?

I don’t get why we need to have a fight with Iran right now. We’re dealing with North Korea at the moment a far more imminent threat. Let’s get that off the table first.

All signs are that president Trump is going to withdraw from the nuclear deal today, or do something similar. But he is falling into the same trap his predecessors, guided by neoconservative adventurism, fell into: Running around the world taking on too many things at once and getting nothing done particularly right.

I get that Trump is playing a game with Iran and trying to get them back to the table by threatening a confrontation. Trump actually operates much more subtly than his critics – particularly in the press – who can only see black and white, understand. He sets up conflict and makes terrible threats, but he’s hoping to wrangle people into a deal.

The problem with picking a fight now with Iran is that you have to have the military option in your back pocket, otherwise it’s meaningless. What do you do if they say, Hey, we got our money from Obama, and now we’re going to restart the centrifuges – at least, the ones that aren’t already running – and build some nice, shiny nuclear weapons.

You gotta have a plan for that. But if we’re wielding the military option against North Korea, then we don’t have a credible threat against Iran. Because we’re not going to add two more wars to our collection, plus, you know, defend Taiwan.

Nobody likes the Iran deal less than I do. It’s another example of Barack Obama pussying out of confronting a serious problem and instead kicking it down the road – and actually eventually legitimizing Iran’s nuclear program in about a decade.

But Iran can wait. Let’s deal with one existential threat at a time, please.

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6 Responses to How About One Nuclear Confrontation at a Time?

  1. The problem is that the time limit is up for Iran: POTUS has to re-sign the agreement allowing the continuation of the Iran deal—and with all the recent intel from Israel, I don’t think there’s much choice except to nix the Iran deal. It’s terrible and can’t continue.
    Unfortunately, a President doesn’t often get to arrange the world timeline to his liking.

  2. MrTrump brings something to the WhiteHouse that we haven’t seen before – a man used to dealing with multiple issues in multiple locations around the world.
    No former President in modern times has the world experience of MrTrump.
    While negotiating nuclear deals is a lot more important than where to put the new hotel or golf course, he can handle it.

    • Spot on. Obama multi-tasked in creating chaos in our country and around the world…Trump can do the same to fix it all.

  3. Pulling out of the deal doesn’t mean we’re ‘confronting’ Iran.

    It simply puts THEM on notice there’s a new sheriff in town.

    • Agreed.
      A last question asked at the announcement was “what effect will this have on NorKor”?
      We mean business!