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White House Goes Into Cleanup Mode After Giuliani Outburst

No, I don’t think Rudy Guiliani planned his revelation to Fox News’ Sean Hannity that President Trump reimbursed attorney Michael Cohen for paying off Stormy Daniels. I think Guiliani is a loose canon, always has been, and probably should not be on Trump’s legal defense team.

Notably, Giuliani, when asked, didn’t rule out he’d be fired for what he told Hannity.

The strategy of getting an attorney who can appear on TV to defend Trump is a good. Just, this probably isn’t the guy.

The lying by both Trump and Cohen about this arrangement is deplorable, though perhaps not surprising given that this president, though a good one, lies constantly. Trump said he did not know where Cohen got the money to pay Daniels off. Turns out he knew exactly where the money ultimately came from – him. Cohen said “Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign” reimbursed him, which is perhaps technically was true but certainly misleading.

Trump denies he knew the details, just that he generally paid Cohen to take care of things. That could be true, but I doubt it.

Anyway, the White House legal team was sufficiently concerned about what Giuliani said that it wrote some tweets out for the president to issue this morning. Obviously, anyone who has seen a Trump tweet before can tell these were not written by him.

I gather the Trump campaign paid off Stormy Daniels because it desperately wanted to avoid another controversy right before the election, something that would have taken the focus off then-FBI Director James Comey’s decision to reopen the investigation of Hillary Clinton.

Though that some prostitute – she’s paid for sex, just does it on camera – accused Trump of a one-night-stand a decade before seems minor compared to allegations of unwanted sexual groping and kissing that had already been lodged. But I suppose it could have changed the votes of a few conservatives, many of whom held their noses to vote for Trump, and blown the election.

No matter, the lies about it after the fact are transparent and need not and should not have been told.

7 Responses to White House Goes Into Cleanup Mode After Giuliani Outburst

  1. MrTrump said he did not know where Cohen got the funds to pay the blackmailer, and that’s probably true. Did Cohen have cash on hand, refinance his house, take out a loan..who knows?
    The President said he REIMBURSED Cohen for his outlay on his behalf.
    Blackmail and extortion is what happened then, and what is still happening now.
    If he used the service offered by a consenting adult woman a decade ago, how is that news or scandal enough to torture a sitting President and his family.

  2. Except sentiment has changed in last few weeks. There is the overwhelming feeling that both the FBI and the DOJ have themselves become Criminal Organizations.

    Many now feel mass firings at DOJ and dismantlement of the FBI is now needed.

  3. It is all tiresome. Unfortunately these types of scenarios play out in law firms all over the country, especially as it relates to prominent and wealthy people. I don’t condone – but it is reality. I don’t consider President Trump my moral compass – nor did I consider prior presidents to be my moral compass. I know what is right and what is wrong. I want things done for the betterment of the USA and its citizens and legal immigrants. Such holier than thou people. Who openly admits to an encounter with a porno star or prostitute. Best to keep one’s mouth shut. Mr. Trump should heed that advice often as should many of our elected officials. Very few can claim purity when it comes to back room deals of all different types.

  4. Let’s not forget that the FBI has all of Cohen’s files from the raid. Maybe Giuliani wants to get ahead of the curve.
    If Trump had been paying Cohen a retainer out of his own personal checking account, Trump will just say: “I was trying to salvage my marriage. As a private citizen, it’s my right to do so”. No campaign money involved.
    However the media will just continue playing this up as the “we got him now” narrative. Since everything else has failed.

  5. I don’t see what “Stormy” is complaining about. If the story of her affair is true she should be ecstatic. $130,000 for turning one trick! Every hooker should be so lucky!

  6. I am sick of hearing about her. I just don’t give a rat’s backside. He was not running for office, he was not elected at the time.