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Video || Teacher of the Year Refuses to Shake Trump’s Hand

Nor, at an East Room ceremony he gave in her honor, would she applaud him as he entered the room, as others did.

She shook his hand earlier, the first time he offered it, but not the second time, at the end of the ceremony.

Trump Mandy Manning teacher of the year

Apparently, Mandy Manning doesn’t teach civics, because if she did, she might have more respect for the presidency.

Manning is the English language development teacher at Joel E. Ferris High School’s Newcomer Center in Spokane Washington’s public school district. According to the Washington Post:

Manning, the 2018 National Teacher of the Year recipient, had brought with her from Spokane, Wash., a stack of letters that her immigrant and refugee students wrote ahead of her trip to the White House, where she accepted the award Wednesday.

The letters were addressed to the president, and all Manning wanted to do was give them to him.

Some chronicled their experiences coming to the United States — from Syria, Iraq, Uganda, Burma, El Salvador — because they “felt it was important for the president to understand the really rigorous and difficult process and length of time it takes to come to the United States as a refugee,” Manning said.

So what they are learning from her, apparently, is that this country is not about differences of opinion, but about one opinion, that of liberals, which must prevail. And they are learning to disrespect the office of the presidency, and probably many people and institutions in the country they have come to.

It’s too bad a woman like this is the gateway to their understanding of this great country. Her “teacher of the year” award should be revoked and she should be fired, since political views, while generally free to be expressed, should not be delivered by teachers to children in public schools.

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  1. Imagine if someone dared do this to King Barry…her award would have been revoked, she would have been fired and the MSM would be outraged. Instead, because it’s Trump, she’s hailed as a hero.

    I always think of that poor rodeo clown who lost his job because he wore an Obama mask.

  2. deplorable von Ebb

    Another dummy who has never read Q Stupid liberal………as are many teachers.

    Stupid people they are everywhere……

  3. “Some chronicled their experiences coming to the United States — from Syria, Iraq, Uganda, Burma, El Salvador — because they “felt it was important for the president to understand the really rigorous and difficult process and length of time it takes to come to the United States as a refugee,” Manning said.”

    Delivering these letters is not a political act. The vetting process is rigorous. My daughter resettles refugee families. They are not terrorists. They are fleeing them. Hearing from children who are living this firsthand is a message that any president – Democrat or Republican – should welcome. It is important for President Trump to hear both sides, too.

    1. They are all on public assistance. Your grandchildren will be broke when they’re forty-years-old because of this insanity.

    2. You are swallowing the edited version of reality the Alleged News Media spits out. Reality is multi-layered–some “beneath the veneer” elements here. There are many. memorializes the many victims of illegals including “dreamers” you never heard of

    3. You mean like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother that were the Boston Marathon Bombers? Their father and whole family got here on a visa, and overstayed to later claim refugee status.
      So they were NOT vetted, AND their children turned out to be terrorists. Even if they had been, they would have passed as the father wasn’t a terrorist. Just that one example blows both your arguments out of the water.
      I see you haven’t studied this subject at all, before making your comment. People like you are part of the problem!

    4. “Hearing from children who are living this firsthand is a message that any president – Democrat or Republican – should welcome. It is important for President Trump to hear both sides, too.”

      Sure. And there is a time and a place for that.

      But it shouldn’t be by some grandstanding ‘educator’ pushing an agenda at an awards ceremony.

    5. I agree, it may give him a different point of view, but in the end the most important thing is the health and well being of this country..first. She is enjoying the recognition, the least she could do is be respectful to the president. She’s teaching children disrespect, its no wonder this country is the state it is in.

  4. Sitting here, fingers on the keyboard and I got nothing. What’s there to say about this woman’s rude rebuff of the POTUS.

  5. She should have turned down to come to the WH. The President has plenty to do without her making a political statement and taking up his time.

    1. The Dems are doubling down on behavior like this…they’re expecting big gains in the midterms, but with these kind of displays, I think they’re going to be disappointed.

    2. Just makes you wonder what type of parents she had. A fake award given to a fake teacher. My gosh, the president gives you the time of day and you stand there and look stupid…..


  6. Paula,
    Instead of fleeing their countries, WHY DON’T THEY MAKE THEM BETTER! It’s NOT our duty to accept EVERYONE from EVERY country that wants to live here! It is well documented that many of these so-called refugees LIE on their application. Terrorists use our lax asylum laws and vetting process to infiltrate our country. FACT! Ever hear of the Tsarnev brothers?

  7. Many of us “pro-Trumpers” appear to be just as radical inn our thinking as the “left wing” is. From my perspective she was holding what appeared to be a fairly heavy solid glass trophy with both hands wrapped around it. How would we expect her to clap or shake hands with Trump??

      1. Or how about hold it in one hand. She can’t be that weak 5hat she can’t hold it in one hand. Her objective was to be rude.

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  9. A 2nd/3rd generation communist change-agent is awarded ‘change-agent of the year’ by the U.S. President: this is the unreversed image. Will she receive sympathetic treatment from her precious alien-nation refugees when they achieve majority status and have their way with whom ever arouses the urge-whether man/woman or all antiChrist lnbetweeners? South Africa & Europe are also at the mercy of unlimited immigration that serves to conceal the commercial party of national decomposition.

  10. The teacher should have never been allowed in the WH. Who is doing the vetting for these kinds of people? I’m sure there are people at her school that would be more than happy to tell the Secret Service just what kind of anti-Trumper she is. Then you just keep these kinds of people away from the President.

  11. you can’t teach class to people. they either have it or they don’t. and we know she doesn’t. what kind of message does she think this sends to her students? that its ok to be snowflake crybaby??

  12. I hope she graded the I papers the “immigrants and refugees” submitted, unless she wrote them out to be copied by the students I would expect some red ink.
    If there’s no red markings, I hope someone on staff at the White House does her job for her.
    She likely receives more money, paid from the taxpayer coffers, as an ELD (Educational Language Development) teacher. The best teacher would have included the required “Pragmatics: situational appropriateness of language use”. Link on ELD:
    As for her situational manners show, let’s hope when she returns to class she teaches her “ELD students” her show of bad manners, intentional or not, was in extremely bad form and they should not use her as an example of proper American manners.

  13. The UEA most likely selected this teacher and then primed her in advance to embarrass the President. Our entire public education system and curriculum is undermining the basis of American history and its inspired founding fathers. All text books that teach socialism and secular principles need to be burned and replaced with patriotic and truthful principles.

  14. I bet she got this reward for her remarkable ability to indoctrinate her liberal bias on children. The left applaud this behavior, and since the make-up of todays public school system is mostly liberal teachers, they are the ones who nominated her.

  15. Teachers being underpaid is a scam. Check the website just facts. The average Oklahoma teacher pay with benefits included is $108,500. Who gets the money? Its not the kids. These are just union labor tactics.

  16. I did not see hi. Offer her his hand, he went straight for her elbow… she is using her 1st amendment right to free speech and teaching her students to be involved… Don’t see anything wrong with her behavior…

    1. From Earl Browder to Alger Hiss to Rosa Parks to Bill Ayers, Angela Davis, & Jane Fonda to Ms. Manning & countless other American communists throughout the 20th & 21st centuries -all have employed freedom of speech/press/assembly successfully to the point where the representative of Western man (on whom the plug is to be pulled), in his Presidential capacity, must smile through her rehearsed silent but salient protest- except where receiving the award was concerned.

  17. A. He did not mention the fact that she teaches refugee children… maybe she who is snubbed gets to snub back.
    B. Maybe she just didn’t want to take a chance on dropping the glass award.
    C. I’m sure he would have been much happier if the cute young blond candidate had won the award… you know, the only one of the other three candidates whose name he could remember once their names went off the TelePrompTer.

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  19. I’m so sick of these “tolerant” liberal pukes. Why are so many of them into the shaved head, butch look? I’ll bet she owns, and probably sleeps in a pink vagina hat.

    Great move, you insult the President of the United States and then expect him to pay attention to the letters you gave him. You’ve taught your interlopers that it’s ok to disrespect the leader of this country.

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