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Jobless Claims at Lowest Rate in 45 Years

You won’t be hearing much about this in the mainstream media. You will be hearing a lot about Stormy Daniels.

From the Washington Examiner:

The past two weeks’ very low readings drove the monthly average for claims down to 221,500. That’s the lowest since early 1973.

Then, during Richard Nixon’s presidency, the labor force was about half the size it is today.

Low new claims mean that few people are getting laid off, and consequently that net job creation is high.

Also, the total number of people claiming unemployment benefits dropped to generational lows in April. Altogether, 1.76 million people received benefits during the third week of the month, the lowest such mark in 44 years.

2 thoughts on “Jobless Claims at Lowest Rate in 45 Years”

  1. This means that since Trump came into office, we have cut the number of people receiving unemployment benefits – proving that he is trying to undercut social safety net programs. I won’t be surprised to see that welfare rolls start going down, too.

  2. As expected, this won’t make the cut as news in the MSM Fake News circles. It’s not juicy tidbit of speculation and hearsay by those “journalists” in the MSM Fake News.

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