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Video || Johnny Carson Respectfully Sends Up Reagan

President Reagan was hated by the press and much of Hollywood almost as much as President Trump is.

But that didn’t mean comedians vilely disrespected the office of the president, even if today, admittedly, the president himself diminishes it with his own crude behavior.

This is Johnny Carson spoofing Reagan with a new take on an old Abbott and Costello Routine. In case you don’t know, the Interior Secretary at the time was James Watt and the person in the video with Carson is supposed to be Reagan Chief of Staff James Baker.

Here is the original.

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7 Responses to Video || Johnny Carson Respectfully Sends Up Reagan

  1. I am not making excuses for President Trump and yes, I also find some of his antics less than desirable, but I don’t ever recall him using vile language publicly and in most cases, he is responding to equally obnoxious behavior. He’s an adult and should know better, but if the news media would take the high road and be journalists instead of hit pieces all the time I think that would go a long ways in toning everyone down. Personally I find so many people obnoxious these days and yes vulgar – it’s no wonder it pops up in every facet of life.

    • Good points.
      Perhaps CNN/WashPost could surprise everyone and issue a compliment to the President on something.
      Nice job(?), things are going well(?)
      might cool things down.

    • Oh lady, Wendy, you truly said a mouth full. Trump definitely has his faults – But – Putting America FIRST! is not one of them.

      Thank you!

  2. Johnny was the best, period.
    I’m so lucky that a local antenna tv station re-plays his program 5 days a week.
    Tonight’s guest Steve Martin and Sly Stallone.

  3. Almost every 1960’s boomer family had the LP: The First Family on which jacket the promoter took great pains to assure the listeners that the humor was in no way intended to denigrate the Kennedys. That got the ball rolling while respect & decency gradually ground to a halt (SNL) & now it’s hard to tell a celebrity president from the celebrity satirical impersonator.