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The Hill to End Participation in White House Correspondents’ Dinner

The Hill newspaper, which in my opinion is one of the few major mainstream publications around that still makes an earnest effort to be completely nonpartisan, announced Tuesday morning that it will no longer participate in the White House Correspondents’ Association annual dinner.

The Hill withdrew following the performance by comedian Michelle Wolf at Saturday night’s dinner, during which she viciously and obscenely insulted President Trump and his aides.

From an article in The Hill:

“The Hill, which has participated in the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) dinner for many years, does not plan at this time to participate in the event moving forward,” James Finkelstein, The Hill’s chairman, wrote in a letter dated Tuesday to Steven Thomma, executive director of the White House Correspondents’ Association.

“In short, there’s simply no reason for us to participate in something that casts our profession in a poor light. Major changes are needed to the annual event,” the letter states.

Finkelstein’s letter criticized Wolf’s performance as “out of line” and said that the Hill hoped the dinner could get “back to talking about the importance of the Fourth Estate without the kind of ugly sideshow that completely overshadowed the event this year.”

Along those lines, we will happily donate in the future to the WHCA scholarship program and hope this program can produce future journalists to fight for freedom of the press while remaining non-partisan,” Finkelstein wrote. “In the meantime, without major reforms, The Hill no longer wishes to participate in future dinners.”

3 Responses to The Hill to End Participation in White House Correspondents’ Dinner

  1. There’s no need to cancel the whole dinner/award show, but some real examination of what they want the public to see and how to present it might be a good move.
    The keynote speaker can still be the “roaster”, but only after the speech is vetted for profanity and the nasty insults of the recent past.
    If the MSM is serious about reaching out to the public in a fair and unbiased manner, they could start the process by remembering that at least half of the voting public are Repubs or conservatives. We don’t mind a good joke or a nice “poke”, but the current theme of nasty insults aimed at people who have opposite opinions than the MSM is a bad idea – think kneeling when the Nat’l Anthem is played at a NFL game and what happened to the their fan base.
    The WHCA made a mistake, an error in judgement to assume that nothing they do will hurt them or their mission. It’s not too late to return to their original production.

  2. Sean Hannity loves to say that journalism is dead, and this could well be Exhibit A.

    After spending eight years carrying water for King Barry the Wicked, the instant whiplash into screeching, braying, apocalypse of the day coverage under Trump, has likely done away permanently with any remaining pretense of impartiality by the American fourth estate.

    (No, I’m not going to diagram that sentence, but thanks for asking.)

    So, if Nerd Prom ultimately goes the way of the Pontiac Azteca, well, good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.