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Misplaced Modifier Alert || April 25, 2018

A headline from Politico, which has been making some pretty hilarious mistakes lately.

Spicer defends Trumps’ marriage at wax museum

I wasn’t aware the Trumps were married at the wax museum, were you?

2 Responses to Misplaced Modifier Alert || April 25, 2018

  1. Oh sure, ha ha. Let’s all wonder and speculate why Melania is batting away Donald’s hand in public. Why everyone knows that happy married couples walk around holding each other’s hand, just like the Obamas did for 8 years.
    It’s not funny, it’s ugly interference to even assume bad feelings in the First Couple’s marriage.
    The anti-Trumpers would love nothing better than to have MrsTrump move to Florida for the rest of his first term.
    Ugly people – all of them.

  2. It didn’t look to me like Melania was “batting his hand away”, despite what the Daily Mail claims! They are always down on the Trumps.