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Democrats’ Report: Ronny Jackson Crashed Government Vehicle While Drunk

Democrats on the Veterans Affairs Committee have released a report on interviews they conducted related to Department of Veterans Affairs nominee Ronny Jackson, the president’s personal physician.

It reveals allegations of drunkenness, including crashing a government vehicle while intoxicated. And comments like these:

“The most unethical person I have ever worked with”, “flat-out unethical”, “explosive”, “100 percent bad temper”, “toxic”, “abusive”, “volatile”, “incapable of not losing his temper”, “the worst officer I have ever served with”, “despicable”, “dishonest”, as having “screaming tantrums” and “screaming fits”, as someone who would “lose his mind over small things”, “vindictive”, “belittling”, “the worse leader I’ve ever worked for.” Day-to-day environment was like “walking on eggshells.” As Jackson gained power he became “intolerable.” One physician said, “I have no faith in government that someone like Jackson could be end up at VA.” A nurse stated, “this [working at WHMU] should have been the highlight of my military career but it was my worst assignment.” Another stated that working at WHMU was the “worst experience of my life.” Jackson was viewed as someone who “would roll over anyone”, “worked his way up on the backs of others”, “was a suck up to those above him and abusive to those below him”, a “kiss up, kick down boss”, “put his needs above everyone else’s.”

Jackson denied at least some of the allegations. “Did not wreck a car. Should be pretty … pretty easy to prove that,” he said. He added that he “doesn’t know where these allegations are coming from.”

6 Responses to Democrats’ Report: Ronny Jackson Crashed Government Vehicle While Drunk

    • How is it that Dr. Jackson served a as White House Physican under Ozero for 8 years and these accusations, smears, never came into question.
      I have the answer. Simple actually.
      President Trumps nominee.

  1. If these charges were true, one would think the obstructionist Democrats would rush to approve the nomination, knowing that they could point the leadership finger at Trump when Ronny screws things up at the Vet.