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Maxine Waters: Seventy Percent of Women Want Trump Impeached

It’s amazing that this person is taken seriously. But she is. It’s so funny to watch MSNBC’s Chris Hayes conduct with such gravity an interview with this woman as if she is making sense.

Maxine Waters apparently commissioned the polling firm of Spinko, Dinko & Stinko to conduct a survey which found that 70 percent of women think President Trump should be impeached.

The pollsters, who surveyed women in mental institutions, jello factories, and at medical marijuana farms across the United States, say the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 47 points.

Waters, BTW, was included this month on Time’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people.  What’s particularly scary is that, maybe it’s true.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

22 thoughts on “Maxine Waters: Seventy Percent of Women Want Trump Impeached”

  1. Aren’t there any Dem women who think positive, who speak with intelligence or are they all the whiny, sore losers they appear to be when someone sticks a mic in their faces?

  2. The only “seventy percent” involved in this statement is the seventy percent of your brain cells that are non-functional.

    Be quiet, you racist, sexist, senile old shrew.

  3. Obama attended college as a foreign student-Fact. Obama attended school in Indonesia-fact. Obama used an alias without any documentation of a name change-Fact. Obama may well have been born in Hawaii but the birth certificate that was released to the public was a fabrication, yet all that is ok. But President Trump needs to be impeached, just because they don’t like him????

  4. Keep on talkin’, Maxine. Keep right on talkin’.

    You, Mad Hatter Wilson, Raging Rosa, Nasty Nancy, Ruben Galle-can’t-go-soon-enough, Loopy Luis, the whole poo-flinging lot of you.

    You have NO idea how batshit crazy you sound on Main Street.

    You’re only encouraging your acolytes to act out. And you’re just one or two more James Hodgkinsons away from national revulsion.

  5. Why has no one picked up the very famous Reagan line: “The nattering nabobs of negativity”? Maxine is not the nabob she would like to be. Maxine and Chris Matthews is a marriage made in heaven, or is it hell? Chris needs his own private network. They could call it TDN (Toxic Drivel Network).

    1. That wasn’t a quote from Regean. The word was perhaps most famously used by Vice President Spiro Agnew, in a 1970 speech written by William Safire, when he referred to critical members of the news media as “nattering nabobs of negativism.”

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