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Politico Says Macron to Call for “Militarism;” He Actually Said “Multilateralism”

In a Sunday report that as of 10:00 am ET Monday morning was still running, a Politico reporter misunderstood French President Emmanuel Macron and wrote that he would be calling for American “militarism.”

I thought that sounded rather strange from a European leader, although it seemed possible that the Frenchman was asking the United States to sacrifice lives on behalf of Europeans, Middle Easterners, and everyone else, since that’s something that has always been popular with many leaders overseas.

But no. It seems Monsieur was calling for “multilateralism,” which of course can also be interpreted as a call for America to use its armed forces. You can see it at about the 1:30 mark in the video below.

Oh well. These things happen.

4 Responses to Politico Says Macron to Call for “Militarism;” He Actually Said “Multilateralism”

  1. At one time, Politico was worth reading.

    Now, it’s just another left-wing site like Vox, HuffPo …. et al.

    I don’t even bother with it anymore.

    • Ditto. I just fly past their site on my way to others. I do read the lefty sites, the iffy sites, and the right sites.
      I do admire the lefty sites for their clever headlines on anti-Trump stories. So imaginative, but the content doesn’t match.
      I do read the comments on the NYTimes pieces and wonder – if they’re so smart and sophisticated, why do they hate MrTrump and what is the basis for this hate. They’re not disappointed in what he does or wants to do, but hate the man – with a passion. Odd.