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Video || U.S. Senators Try to Talk About the Internets With Mark Zuckerberg

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

4 Responses to Video || U.S. Senators Try to Talk About the Internets With Mark Zuckerberg

  1. Some of us never got the charm or attraction of Facebook, believe it or not.
    The Senators who were questioning Zucker-boy about the workings of FB probably never learned to type, never sat in awe trolling through other people’s lives on the internet, or even considered putting their private lives on display for all to see.

    Perhaps they’re not aware of the common practice of companies to sell their customer list to advertisers and others. Why would they be – do they know what a ‘shopper’s discount card’ is and how it’s used? Nah.

    So what was the motive for this dog&pony show about Facebook practices – to have the government oversee and regulate what is allowed to be on the internet according to whatever moral standard someone decides is the right thing. Hate speech will be whatever some anon government drone decides it is, improper ideas that don’t conform with the current administration’s agenda will be erased.
    Why would Zucker-boy invite such regulations – to get him and his money machine off the hook for discrimination and unfair policies.

  2. Why Zuckerberg wants to be ‘regulated’ is an easy question to answer. FB will write the regulations, and since these Senators have no idea what they regulating, they will happily sign off. Then the entry point for any potential competitor to FB will face impossible hurdles to overcome and become viable.
    Don’t these Senators bother to even prepare themselves before asking questions? They make all of us senior citizens appear to be dumb as a rock. This appearance did give the impression of a young teenager, being forced to spend a couple of days volunteering at a old retirement home.

    • Yep. I think you’ve uncovered the plot. When we elect village idiots to Congress, this is the kind of mess we create for ourselves.

  3. What is Facebook? Another one of endless forums for the world’s population to noise ourselves. Bumper stickers, tattoos, all manner of apparel printed with slogans-graphics-symbols worn by new-borns all the way up to grave clothes,.. an opinion, belief, exhortation, distortion for every individual to communicate as an original human being especially where all the countless electronic screens are concerned…subdivision of the mass mentality to the nth degree. Madness made fun & satisfying as evolved from face-to-face public discourse. But still the solution itself is the trigger mechanism to reject the solution.