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Video || Chris Wallace Surprised How “Bitchy” Comey’s Book Is

5 Responses to Video || Chris Wallace Surprised How “Bitchy” Comey’s Book Is

  1. Bitchy? oh, that’s priceless. I’ve never heard that word applied to a man before, but it’s true.
    With just the tidbits of info about the content of the book – Comey is preening that he’s taller than MrTrump, comments approvingly on his hair(do), makes a catty remark about his skin, and of course the ‘my hand is bigger than his’ remark.
    How did this man ever get to the high position of Director of the FBI – was it because he was taller than every other man there? It must have been the reason since he doesn’t seem to have a good grasp on the law and the mission of the FBI. It’s becoming apparent that Comey thought part of his job was to protect the Dem candidate from herself, and to find a way to gain approval from Obama.

    He didn’t like MrTrump, that’s obvious, didn’t think he was worthy to sit in the Oval Office, so the question comes up – why didn’t he resign his position after MrTrump was sworn in? He should have done just that.

  2. The way Comey’s been acting, the only person who should have been shocked, shocked to find that his book was so whiny, would have been Louis Renault.

    And Chris Wallace doesn’t have anything close to Claude Rains’s acting chops. So if Wallace really WAS surprised, then he hasn’t been paying attention.