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The Only News in the Comey Book is About Loretta Lynch

It’s incredible to watch the mainstream media hype former FBI Director James Comey’s book even though there is absolutely nothing substantively new in it about President Trump.

The media all seem to have either gotten it leaked to them or paid some lowly bookstore employees to give it to them ahead of its release Tuesday. They must have been gravely disappointed, because there’s nothing we don’t already know except an indication in the book that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch may have had conflicting loyalties with respect the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

But here are some of the headlines:

New York Times: In Comey’s book, visceral details and a grim view of Trump

Washington Post: Scathing book

Politico: Comey’s rebuke of Trump cuts deep

So? The “news” apparently is that Comey wrote a mean girls book about Trump. Among the “highlights” dramatically rendered by the media are Comey’s commentary on the color of Trump’s hair and skin.

His face appeared slightly orange, with bright white half-moons under his eyes where I suppose he placed small tanning goggles, and impressively coiffed, shiny blonde hair, which, on a careful inspection looked to be all his own.

Finally, finally, it seems, someone has gotten close enough to Trump to see what he looks like in person.

Comey reveals Trump’s “obsession” with details in the unproven Russia dossier that he observed Russian prostitutes peeing on each other. If government had a dossier about me saying I’d ordered up this kind of activity, I’d be a little obsessed myself. Comey gravely states that he can’t rule out that Peepeegate actually happened.

Comey says Trump reminded him of a mobster, has an “us-versus-them” worldview, is a liar – who knew? – and, get this, is some kind of egomaniac.

Trump? An egomaniac? No!! Finally, someone with the courage to say it.

There are details we already know about Trump trying to get Comey to let Michael Flynn off the hook and attempting to extract some kind of loyalty pledge from him. But in the end, Comey says this:

I have one perspective on the behavior I saw, which while disturbing and violating basic norms of ethical leadership, may fall short of being illegal.

Now, there’s a little news, actually.

What we have here is a book laden with moralizing by Comey about leadership, Trump, life, and the higher sense of purpose and sterling character of James Comey. There’s a bunch of stuff like this:

Getting problems, pain, hopes, and doubts out on the table so we can talk honestly about them and work to improve is the best way to lead. By acknowledging our issues, we have the best chance of resolving them in a healthy way. Buried pain never gets better with age. And by remembering and being open and truthful about our mistakes, we reduce the chance we will repeat them.

Thank you, Dr. Freud.

A lot of people apparently, including Barack Obama, assured Comey after the 2016 election that he was doing a fine job. He is a good boy, no matter what that mean Trump says.

Obama and Comey
It’s okay James. You’re a good person.

One thing that seems a little less interesting to the press is the suggestion in Comey’s book that he had obtained information about Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch that could have shown she was comprimised in her “probe” of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Had it become public, the unverified material would undoubtedly have been used by political opponents to cast serious doubt on the attorney general’s independence in connection with the Clinton investigation.

That is something not entirely unexpected, but defintely new.

10 thoughts on “The Only News in the Comey Book is About Loretta Lynch”

  1. The odds that Lynch or Clinton (Bill or Hillary) will ever see a legal proceeding against them from anyone is nil to none.
    The public is aware of what they did, hoped to do, and what they got away with, so what’s the point of Comey claiming he has some new info on collusion to avoid prosecution of Hillary for her crimes.

    All of this shouldn’t be happening. MrTrump may be what his enemies insist, but he is still working, still moving forward and making things better for all of us.
    If anyone in politics has led a more public life than MrTrump, they haven’t been discovered. We knew all about him, guessed at what wasn’t said or announced, and we allowed him to be himself without judgement.

  2. Trump is being investigated by Mueller and his DO/FBI team. Why is Comey able to comment, and publish a book, on a still active case?
    Aren’t ex- government officials, especially highly placed ones, under some kind of NDA before they leave office?

    1. You would think so.

      But – as we’ve learned with the Stormy Daniels BS – NDAs are now worthless if the right type of political hay can be made off them.

  3. Agree. There is nothing new in Comey’s anti-Trump revenge book except the Lynch thing. Listening this morning to Comey’s TV interviews to peddle his book , Comey certainly revealed far more about himself, his motives, his agenda and his state of mind than he did about Trump. And it’s not pretty.

  4. Comey’s higher loyalty is to himself and the Democratic / Clinton Deep State. Not to the FBI, which he has help cause to loose any respect it may have had, not to America and not to truth or honor.

  5. Speaking of “we already knew that”:

    IG Horowitz’s report is finally out–during take-out-the-trash time in Washington, nota bene–and ohmigosh, McCabe is pond scum.

  6. A higher loyalty…only if one is stoned on marijuana. This she-man wrote a book that befits the feminist mentality. K.K.’s review should be printed on the front flap (or back) as comic relief for authentic FBI agents & and to spoof all others in that employ.

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