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Aww, Paul Ryan Doesn’t Want to be a Weekend Dad #breakingmyheart

I love when people in Washington reveal how out of touch they are with the rest of the country. House Speaker Paul Ryan, who said today he won’t run for reelection, did just that with a couple of sentences Wednesday:

One thing I have learned about teenagers is their idea of an ideal weekend is not necessarily to spend all of their time with their parents. What I realize is if I am here for one more term, my kids will only have ever known me as a weekend dad. I just can’t let that happen.

So I will be setting new priorities in my life.

Now, let me ask you dads out there. Who among you is not a “weekend dad”? Who among you has the luxury of putting in a few hours of work and hanging with your kids during the week?

A lot of us aren’t just weekend dads. We’re “Sunday” dads, since we’re working Saturdays too. Paul Ryan knows full well that once he’s out of Congress, he’ll be invited to join numerous boards and provide high-priced “consulting advice” and make millions with a 30-hour work week.

I’m so glad he’ll have weekends and more with his kids. I’m sorry he spent trillions of our dollars on the way out the door of the Capitol that we all will have to pay back.

It’s nice he’ll be able to get about “setting new priorities in my life.” One of them, of course, will be running for president. I doubt he’ll do it in 2020, as some are speculating. The base hates him and anyone who challenges Trump in the primaries, unless it emerges that . . . welll . . . Trump shot someone on Fifth Avenue, is going to lose.

Ryan will spend the next few years doing the P90 workoout with his kids and taking them to Packers games – and Bucks and Brewers games, since he’ll have weekdays too – and playing tetherball in the backyard while waiting for everyone to forget he is one of the swamp creatures. And then, as his nest empties – since I think he is sincere about wanting to be with his family – he’ll be back in the political arena.

13 thoughts on “Aww, Paul Ryan Doesn’t Want to be a Weekend Dad #breakingmyheart”

  1. Wait a minute – it depends on WHO MrTrump shoots if we abandon him or cheer him on.

    Let’s hope his family/children want to spend time with him.

  2. Meanwhile, word is that among the stuff the Federal Security Bureau (let the reader understand!) was looking at among Cohen’s effects, was information on the Access Hollywood tape.

    And on the Hill, the Petain wing of the GOP is aiding the enemy by trying to pass a latter-day Tenure of Office Act to protect the Fishermen’s Brigade.

    I wish the Republican Congress the same luck that it had with Andrew Johnson. History’s ear for rhyme is impeccable.

    1. Petain at least did something heroic and brave for his country in the first war to end all wars…..

      Our republican establishment types are like dogs barking and barking and chasing a car (metaphor for the House/Senate) but when the car stops and the occupants get out they have no idea what to do.

      These RINOs are great whiners and pontificators or constitution/free enterprise/liberty etc but are worthless turds at being leaders and doing things.

  3. That’s quite an obtuse commentary. “Federal Security Bureau-Petain wing- Tenure of Office Act- Fisherman’s Brigade- Andrew Jackson.”
    Maybe it’s just me who doesn’t understand it, since I’m an ESL (actually ETL [third]) immigrant.

    1. “Federal Security Bureau” is my attempt to mix “Federal Bureau of Investigation” with “Committee for State Security”–the English rendition of the Russian name of the KGB. Given the tactics employed, and the fact that not a single no-knock raid was done while Hillary Clinton was publicly joking about her own spoilation of evidence, do you understand now why I made that comparison?

      Philippe Petain was head of the Vichy French government during World War II. If you don’t know the history, do yourself a favor and at least learn the outline of it.

      Andrew JOHNSON (not Jackson) was the 17th President of the United States. He was a Republican who wanted to quickly reintegrate the Confederate states into the Union, but the Republicans in Congress were more interested in taking a hard line. The short version is that Congress needed a friendly War Secretary to run interference against President Johnson as Commander in Chief, and they had one, in Edward Stanton. So, Congress passed (over Johnson’s veto) the Tenure of Office Act, making it illegal to dismiss a Senate-confirmed official, without the Senate’s approval. Johnson fired Stanton anyway, and the House all but impeached him on the spot. He was acquitted in the Senate by a single vote.

      “Fisherman’s Brigade” is my derogatory name for Mueller’s team of partisan hacks, since they seem to be on one heck of a fishing expedition.I

      Now does that make sense?

  4. Isn’t Paul Ryan the guy who developed the Congressional Schedule which is remarkably heavy on holidays and remarkably light on actual legislative work days?

  5. And I think that the sinking ship often referenced is not what the media describes….. It is not the Republicans jumping of the Republican/Trump Admn ship….

    It is the deep-state or establishment or RINO bunch getting the water drained out from under their ship and thus are getting out now.

    No career politican/narcisist leaves office to spend more time with family or anything else……

    Ryan may have been a great conservative or whatever but he, like most mortals, slowly becomes part of the problem.

    Good bye Paulie….Hope you can do a better job with your juvenile children than you did with the juvenile Joe Biden in the debates. You had your lunch money stolen from you.

    1. Just his lunch money? Looked more like a month’s worth of his allowance to me.

      I mean, come on, Ryan got his clock cleaned by a veep who was such a lightweight that he probably thought gravitas was the name of a South American beer.

  6. Hi Keith. Don’t forget he’ll earn millions with a book I’m sure he’ll write (or someone will write it & he will put his name on it). Why does every politician feel the need to write (& then hype) a book?

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