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Video || Remy Tells Cardi B Where Her Tax Money Went

Okay, I don’t know who Cardi B is either. I gather, judging by the video below, that her fame is inversely related to her intelligence. She’s also quite foul-mouthed, so be warned. But Reason’s Remy is funny.

4 Responses to Video || Remy Tells Cardi B Where Her Tax Money Went

  1. One thing stands out – whoever those two people are, they didn’t take advantage of the tax-payer paid public education.
    In the past week, it has been made clear that u-tube is a medium for the mentally challenged to showcase what little talent they possess – first the lady(?) who shot up u-tube headquarters dancing to the music in her head and now these two idiots who don’t have a clue about, well, anything important.

  2. Let me think for a moment.
    The dumber a video is, the more we spread it around, to demonstrate how dumb the video or the actors are, thereby generating more ‘eyeballs’ to watch the video which increases its popularity which then increases the generation of more dumb videos.
    I’m trying to understand.

  3. Remy is doing a parody. Some are quite brilliant and very, very funny. His take on Ebola during the Obama tragedy is a favorite. Cardi B whoever she is is unfortunate in her choice of so called “musical” genre, but his parody is spot on about government waste.