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White House Dossier Will Not Publish Friday-Sunday; Back on Monday

A very happy Easter and happy Passover to all, and thank you for reading!


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  1. During this holy season for so many of us, my Pope has stuck his foot in his mouth again. He either said there is “ hell” or not, depending on which news report one believes.
    IMO, he has confused his rise to Holy Father to be like a dictator from a third-world country and forgotten (or never understood) what his mission as Pope means to a billion Catholics.
    His public support of admitted sinners to his promotion of a Marxist or socialist way of life is completely diverse from traditional Catholic beliefs and faith.
    As a Christian, I will celebrate the rise of Christ and offer glad tidings to those who celebrate Passover. May God Bless Us All.

    • I’m in Mod jail, again. sigh.
      There’s only a few stale cookies in the jar, and no Cheetos.
      The liquor cabinet has some kind of whiskey I’ve never heard of, but…any ship in a storm.

      • Shhhhhh!
        I know where Keith keeps the good scotch.
        The key is behind the “Bannon: Always the Rebel” book.
        3rd shelf, 6th from the right.

  2. Question: Why would major advertisers leave a cable TV program because some creepy, potty-mouthed teenager doesn’t like the content of the show?
    The boycotting of people, ideas, speech, or whatever the radical left PC movement doesn’t approve of is not American or within the scope of Free Speech.
    How could we let this happen to us, how is shunning a Trump supporter by family and friends even possible in our country?

  3. And here’s Mueller continuing his anti_Trump witch hunt:

    “Ted Malloch, an American touted last year as a possible candidate to serve as US ambassador to the EU, said he was interrogated by the FBI at Boston’s Logan airport on Wednesday following a flight from London and questioned about his involvement in the Trump campaign.”
    “In a detailed statement about the experience, which he described as bewildering and intimidating at times, Malloch said the federal agents who stopped him and separated him from his wife “seemed to know everything about me” and warned him that lying to the FBI was a felony. In the statement Malloch denied having any Russia contacts.”

  4. Sacramento, CA is dealing with protests over the death of a Black man by a police officer. This has been going on for days.
    The protesters demand justice for the alleged unarmed man.
    For some reason, there are no protests to demand justice for American citizens who are victims of crimes committed by Mexican citizens who reside in their California cities. No one takes to the street to demand that the local government remove these criminals who are harming their neighbors or family.
    Other news:
    The potty-mouthed teenager named Hogg is questioning Arizona’s SenJohn McCain about his support from the NRA during his long career in the US Senate.
    This little, two big for his britches, phony has forced people like me to defend SenMcCain from this well publicized attack.
    At this point in his life, SenMcCain can depend on all of us in AZ to refrain from any criticism out of respect for his fight for life.

  5. Is it just me, or is Mexico trying to use a children’s army as an invading force?

    Because I’d consider that a war crime. I don’t know about anyone else.

    • No, it isn’t just you. Yes, Mexico is using them. We have been in Mexico War 2 for some time. The governors of the border states should call up the National Guard to help ICE with the border.

  6. On another subject, Charles Barkley unloaded on President Trump. He claims President Trump is spending too much time on Russia and Stormy and neglecting problems such as the school shooting and Puerto Rico. He does not get it. He has not figured it out that the Left/MSM are promoting those two stories in order to divert President Trump. President Trump is like a Timex watch. He just keeps on ticking. Barkley should stick with reporting sports.

    • Gee Chuckie, we thought the President was spending all his time golfing. So, we were wrong – again.
      All that talk about NAFTA and DACA and appointing this one or the other one, even talk about putting the IRS on notice is just silly talk. Yes.
      Russia and Stormy is all he thinks about, yep.
      Have a nice day.

  7. A belated thank you to Marcus for the Paul Harvey link. My husband and I listened and couldn’t believe how relevant it still is. I used to listen to him with my beloved grandpa in his breakfast nook. Thanks again for that wonderful memory.