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Sessions: Federal Prosecutor Probing FBI; No Special Counsel fo Now

According to CNN:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions revealed Thursday that Utah’s top federal prosecutor, John Huber, is investigating a cluster of Republican-driven accusations against the FBI and has decided that no second special counsel is needed — at least for now.

Huber has been looking into allegations that the FBI abused its powers in surveilling a former Trump campaign adviser, and more should have been done to investigate Hillary Clinton’s ties to a Russian nuclear energy agency, but his identity had remained a secret.
But Sessions’ decision to stop short of formally appointing a special counsel like Robert Mueller, detailed in a lengthy written response to three Republican chairmen on Capitol Hill, will likely anger those in the GOP who have recently ramped up calls to investigate claims of political bias at the nation’s top law enforcement agencies.

Sessions said he will rely on Huber’s review to determine if a special counsel is needed . . .

It also comes one day after the Justice Department’s internal watchdog office confirmed it would review how the FBI obtained a warrant to monitor Trump foreign policy aide Carter Page, as well as the bureau’s relationship with Christopher Steele, the author of the Trump dossier.

5 thoughts on “Sessions: Federal Prosecutor Probing FBI; No Special Counsel fo Now”

  1. Gee, a federal prosecutor is investigating the FBI. What does the “F” in the FBI stand for again ?
    Why am I not impressed or comforted that a real investigation is being done…hmmm.

  2. I hope Sessions is doing this with the intention of assuring all his ducks are lined up, before pulling the trigger. I also hope this ‘discovery’ period does not last more than 2-3 months. When will DC run out of attorneys? Do they have H1B visas ready to import from other countries?

  3. The prosecutor they mentioned is based out of Utah.

    Now, which jury pool would YOU want, if you were criminally prosecuting swamp rats: DC, Virginia, Maryland, or Utah?

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