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Video || David Hogg: A Demagogue is Born

Wow, look at this kid go. The very same people who say President Trump is a demagogue unquestioningly listen to and tolerate this guy’s hateful rantings. Don’t fail to take him seriously because he’s just in high school. He could go far if his head doesn’t explode first.

Liberals already do not tolerate dissent and debate. As any conservative who has tried to argue with one knows, we are either evil, stupid, or both if we disagree. Hogg’s generation, fueled by the attitude of their liberal parents and set afire by the uncompromising nature of social media discourse, will have even less tolerance for debate and, I fear, for democracy.

Take a look at the future.

H/T Washington Free Beacon for the video.

21 Responses to Video || David Hogg: A Demagogue is Born

    • That is my thought. He has dead eyes, scary dead eyes & he thinks I’m *****ing old. Wait till you get here child boy. One constant in life is aging.
      Unless something happens, illness and injury are roadblocks for some & they don’t age.

  1. No matter if he’s truly who he claims to be, he’s being used by shadowy forces.
    Attacking SenRubio, the NRA, and all adults is so far out there that his message has fallen off the cliff of reason. He never mentions the FBI (wonder why?), the sheriff’s deputies, the school officials and the Obama guidelines for schools that allowed a obvious mentally troubled teen do as he pleased, even to the point of buying an arsenal to shoot his peers.
    He’s young, foolish, profane, and he will fade long before anything is done.

  2. I lasted 24 seconds.

    Anyone who pays any attention to anything ANY seventeen year old has to say about guns, the NRA, law in general, Congress, the U.S. Constitution, politics (or anything outside of homework assignments and which hair gel is/is not working for them) is a bigger moron, than this smarmy little douche.

    I put the blame on his parents who have obviously nurtured this egomaniac glory hound for quite some time.

    Good luck Hogg. You are seriously going to need it.

    • Parents are probably the type to post “my kid’s an A–h— sometimes, and I’m ok with that.” Great job, Boomers and Gen. X. GREAT parenting.

  3. His behavior is telling in so far that he most likely is one of these kids that didn’t have many friends.
    His parents should be real proud of their ill-mannered son.
    My parents seen all this before: the Nazi youth who behaved just like this guy.

    His ego is off the charts and when he falls he’ll fall very hard. There is only so much that schtick will carry him.

    Since his dad – the FBI agent – coached him via ear piece when this all started who’s to say that he didn’t have as much ill will like his son? Like father – like son!

    Lastly he is not in high school because he graduated here in California. He and his cousin (Gonzales) never attended Parkland high school.
    His cousin actually resided in NY before their propaganda activity where she made a couple of films and is an actress.
    That was of course 2 months ago before she shaved her head and replaced her glasses with contact lenses.

  4. My darling daughter is a liberal. Any time their is even the mildest political discussion with which she disagrees, she starts claiming that she is being stressed out and all talk must cease.
    Love my kid, hate her attitude.

    • I have a dear sil that is similar.
      When I suggest a alternative view, she’ll leave the room to “make some coffee”
      But I love her dearly.
      My brother made a great choice, or that should be they both did.

  5. Questions I have about this Hogg guy: who’s sponsoring him? Who’s paying for his transportation, food, lodgings? Who wrote his speech? Who is organizing this whole affair–from the mass gatherings to Hogg’s little speech? Who’s the evil wizard moneybags behind the curtain?

    • I’ve been asking the same questions.
      There’s a lot of money being spent.
      I’ve really never been in the Soros camp of blame.
      But I’m starting to believe it.
      Unquestionably, this ia taking a lot of money and these kids aren’t doing the coordination.

  6. These pansy younglings can easily be defeated in a face-to-face debate, but they’ll probably start cursing, whip out their ‘phone, cry victim and win. Wow, I’m glad my parents brought me up differently. These people will have such empty lives.

  7. D.H. Is in keeping with communist friendly Jane Fonda & Tom Hayden (with even less class than they, Bill Ayers, the Chicago 10, etc.) whose influence was far more widespread among boomers, their grown offspring & grandchildren than any of the 3rd Reich. If he represents a superior race (considering the references to ‘Hitler Youth’ mannerisms) it would be ‘the commercial party of national decomposition’. Rather than giving the Roman salute at the end of his verbal abuse, D.H. raised the usual clenched fist gesture of Soviet communist origin handed down through 3 generations of 2-faced Americans since 1946.