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Protestors Don’t Know What “Assault Weapon” is, Think Constitution “Outdated”

It’s not surprising, I guess, that students don’t know too much about what they’re protesting.

Another thing I and I know some of you are wondering is, who is paying for all those buses and organizing all those people? I don’t think this is coming out of the student activity fund.

And the question wasn’t asked, but I am sure these students do not realize that what are called “assault weapons” are rarely used in crimes, that a ban in the 1990s did nothing to reduce violent crime, and that many people think they are the best weapons for home defense.

6 Responses to Protestors Don’t Know What “Assault Weapon” is, Think Constitution “Outdated”

  1. No child should fear going to school. But by wanting to ban certain weapons, I don’t think they understand what that might lead to in the future. These school shooters are already breaking the law, what a handful more? I’m all for keeping guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them. But to make it where a law abiding citizen can’t defend himself is wrong. They speak of morsls, but the schools stopped teaching those a long time ago. Those that believe the government has their best interest at heart better rethink it because they dont. It’s about control. Ask any Holocaust survivor.

  2. School children are scared and rightfully so. Adults who were supposed to protect them failed in every case and left them vulnerable.
    They heard the term “assault weapon” and assume that banning a high ammo capacity weapon will make them safe from harm.
    A little, pink 22.caliber handgun can kill someone as well as a sniper’s rifle.
    They are children and their talking points about the constitution are just slogans they heard some adult say. In this world’s history, our constitution is relative new and revolutionary.
    The much publicized march was tainted by the obvious management of Dem operatives and anti-gun forces who used their big purses to ensure the attendance or crowd count. These people are the same who promote the killing and dismemberment of babies in the womb.

    • Killing an unwanted child that’s an inconvenience is their “right” that shall not be infringed upon. Killing is killing. If you’re against one method, you should be against all methods.

  3. Normally I would say follow the money, but apparently the funding comes from a (c) non-profit that doesn’t have to disclose it’s donors. It stinks of George Soros.

  4. I do not know who is organizing. I read Delta donated 3 round trip charter flights and Robert Kraft use the New England Patriots’ plane.

    What gets me is no one talks about the authorities knew about the very troubled shooter. The protesters should be protesting the FBI and Broward Sheriff’s office.

  5. This is making these kids feel all grown up, but the deer in the headlights look when asked what is an assault rifle was priceless. They have no idea, it’s just a scary gun. As I said on another blog, since teens are so afraid of things that kill, they should be 21 before they can drive & vote & join the military, (but they’d object to carrying a gun in the military). A vehicle is a big killing machine and no one is protesting bad teen driving.