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John Bolton Replaces H.R. McMaster as National Security Advisor

In a momentous decision that will steer President Trump’s foreign policy toward a much harder line versus our enemies, Trump today said he is replacing National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster with George W. Bush-era UN Ambassador John Bolton.

Trump announced the move via Twitter.

With Bolton at NSC and Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State, Trump now has in place two men who will reign unchallenged over U.S. foreign policy who each share a soberly realistic assessment of our enemies. The Bolton appointment probably means war with North Korea, given that he is not the least bit fooled by disingenuous offers by Kim Jong-Un to end his nuclear weapons program. And it may eventually mean some kind of confrontation with the leadership of Iran, whether through its overthrow or by war. And China as well will be confronted as it seeks to expand its power throughout the Western Pacific and beyond.

These are very grim things, of course. But Bolton and Pompeo recognize the world as it is and understand the need to confront existential problems like a nuclear Iran or a nuclear North Korea. Trump’s decision to give them power, it’s not too much to say, could save the world.

The people who have given us this situation are, foremost, the appeaser Barack Obama, and George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, each of whom chose not to aggressively confront the North Korean menace. Now it is left for Trump, Pompeo, and Bolton to clean up the mess. Thankfully, I believe, they will.

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    • My 2 cents is that THE most important part of the bill is the money allocated for the military.
      It’s in sad shape.
      Planned Parenthood? I’m pro-life so I’m definitely not happy.
      That tunnel thingey in NY? It will provide jobs.
      Pay raise for our men and women in the military long over due.