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Could Kim Jong-Un Kill Trump During Their Meeting?

It’s not likely, but it seems it’s not impossible. It would certainly be a dumb move. It would make America very angry. But it’s a tantalizing thought that one world leader could just kill another.

Certainly not everyone in the United States would be disappointed. At least, if Trump’s more virulent critics are honest with themselves.

From the Washington Examiner:

Experts know that a diplomatic meeting between Trump and Kim would be tightly controlled, with negotiations between U.S. and North Korea determining the number of security personnel joining each leader, as well as any accompanying weaponry.

But there are significant unknowns, including whether Kim would be physically searched, and whether the choice of venue would make it difficult to protect against the most extreme scenarios involving physical risk to Trump.

Experts familiar with diplomatic and security processes cite North Korean self-interest as the best defense against a jarring assault during the meeting, though many note it’s difficult to predict the behavior of one of the world’s most closed, repressive nations.

An assault on Trump would be an unlikely twist to an apparent opening for rapprochement, but North Korea has a long history of assassination schemes against dissidents and rivals. And experts say no level of security can be foolproof . . .

Bonnie Jenkins, who held the rank of ambassador as the State Department’s Coordinator for Threat Reduction Programs between 2009 and 2017, focused largely on nuclear, chemical, and infectious disease threats, said she’s confident that the meeting can be held with an acceptable degree of risk.

An “acceptable” degree of risk? Not completely comforting.

6 thoughts on “Could Kim Jong-Un Kill Trump During Their Meeting?”

  1. I’ll go you one better.
    What if Lil’ Kim sends a body double to the meeting who kills President Trump?
    Is Lil’ Kim going to care what happens to him once the Secret Service gets their hands on him?
    Body Double could even have a cyanide capsule ready to chomp down on as he is wrestled to the floor. A suicide mission.

  2. OK. A thought tease, I’m game.
    Chubby kid throws a dagger at MrTrump, our security jumps on the chubby kid, his security jumps on Trump’s security and after the pile is sorted, MrTrump pulls the dagger out of his bulletproof vest. The chubby kid is pummeled by both our security and his own. He is removed to a certain camp in NoKo and the new Korean leaders vow to make peace with the U.S.
    MrTrump pulls a 22. from under his suit jacket, shoots the chubby kid. The chubby kid falls to the ground, and security of both nations jumps on everyone. The chubby kid has a 22. stuck in his fat tummy, pulls it out and MrTrump is frog-marched out of the meeting. The MSM calls MrTrump a coward and bully, demands he be arrested, but the U.N. comes to his defense. A ticker-tape parade is planned for NYC to honor our brave POTUS.
    Or: c’mon. Get serious.

  3. Thank you Keith, for answering the question that has been lurking with dread in the back of my mind. I have confidence that President Trump has thought of this and is planning accordingly, but it is nice to hear a little about it from people who understand these things better than I do.

    “Bonnie Jenkins, who held the rank of ambassador as the State Department’s Coordinator for Threat Reduction Programs between 2009 and 2017″

    Benghazi was in 2012. I wonder if security for Ambassador Stephens and other Embassies was part of her brief?

    ” focused largely on nuclear, chemical, and infectious disease threats”

    I wonder how big a part did she have in paying the ransom to Iran, and in allowing Ebola Virus to be freely brought into the North American continent and in the Obama Administration’s ACTIVE prevention of any kind of quarantine?

    Asking all this because her assurances about the safety of OUR President do not comfort me at all.

  4. Does anyone seriously doubt that the minions of both men have in the past and will in the weeks and months ahead be “gaming” that eventuality?

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