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Pence Family Magnanimous After John Oliver’s Attack

Vice President Pence’s 24-year-old daughter Charlotte Pence, who wrote a children’s book about the family’s pet bunny, decided to be above the vicious attacks on her father and praise John Oliver’s parody of her book by noting the proceeds go to charity.

In the parody, written by a staffer for his weekly HBO show, the bunny is gay. Vice President Pence has become a hated and vilified symbol among liberals like Oliver for his support of traditional values.

“His book is contributing to charities that I believe we can all get behind,” she said. “So we have two books that are giving to charities.” Karen Pence, the vice president’s wife, illustrated the book.

Oliver’s book donates to AIDS United and the Trevor Project, which supports suicidal LGBTQ young people. He announced the book in a profanity-laced tirade against Pence Sunday night.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

12 Responses to Pence Family Magnanimous After John Oliver’s Attack

    • THAT is as grown up as they get. And trying to act like an adult against their actions is NOT a winning proposition. No matter what the Rove Republicans might pretend.

  1. The evil degenerates take a charming story about a beloved pet bunny and make it about how certain people enjoy their sexual relations.
    How low, how disgusting can they get – apparently they haven’t hit bottom yet.
    The MSM is featuring two or three women that claim dated MrTrump years ago as if it’s some crime or perversion for a straight guy to date beautiful women. There is no suggestion that he forced them to date or to do whatever they did with each other –
    This is so hard to stomach, so hard to write about, but they do it cheerfully, sneering the whole time.
    A pet bunny is just that.
    ot: Listening to PresTrump speak at a Repub fundraiser while I write this. He is an amazing speaker, one we haven’t seen for decades. He connects, never bores, isn’t afraid to make fun of anyone or himself, and the Dems don’t get it.

    • Last paragraph not off topic at all IMO, srdem. Dems and establishment Repubs attack attack attack Trump (and Pence) in an effort to weaken this administration however they can. Benefits in their mind likely are two-fold: 1) they may get rid of Trump (impeachment or resignation); 2) if they get rid of Trump they may also weaken Pence, whom they must know they won’t be able to impeach.

  2. Evil finds what’s best about a person, about a person’s work, and then uses that good against her. Oliver lies in pig flop, withered, sick, eaten up with hate and lust from the inside out.
    Otherwise, he’s okay.

    • Oh, really. You mean like ‘get in their faces?’ ‘Punch back twice as hard?’ ‘Bitter clingers?’ “Punish our enemies?’

      Yeah. That’s some serious grace, right there.

  3. Nobody hates Pence for his “support of traditional values”. If Pence is “hated” (your words, and perhaps a bit stronger than needed?), it is because those who do not live by his “traditional values” are treated, and legislated and/or ruled, as “less worthy”. They are often viewed as in need of some form of “modification”.

    Traditional values do not make one a “good person”. Being kind, respectful, truthful, law-abiding, etc. THAT is what makes one a “good person”. One can live an utterly virtuous life, yet not qualify for Pence’s “traditional values”.

    There are a lot of a*holes out there who live by “traditional values”. I’m sure you all know more than one. Perhaps it might be a better ROI to focus the ire on them instead.

      • You toss that little snipe out there without anything to support it. Well, that’s a bit on the trolly side, Jimg.

        Are you one of those Russians trained to troll us Americans? Been to the Grand Canyon yet? It’s amazing. I recommend it on your next trip.

        It is probably a waste of my time, but I’ll share with you that in my original draft, I actually had a sentence in there saying I don’t hate Pence. I don’t. It did not make it to the final edit, however, because it was not needed.