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Video || Democrats Want Clinton to Go Her Own Way

Even they’ve had it with her. As you remember, during a recent trip to India, she revived her highly successfuly deplorables theme, suggesting Trump supporters were misogynists and racists.

Democrats get that this is not what’s going to help them win back Pennsylvania. So they’re trying to pretend they don’t agree with her.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

8 Responses to Video || Democrats Want Clinton to Go Her Own Way

  1. Poor Hillary. Beaten the first time by a back-bench guy from Chicago, then by a famous billionaire who dabbled in entertainment venues.
    The Dems still aren’t really sure how or why she lost a ‘sure thing’, but they do know that women didn’t find her appealing, and men had a problem with someone like her who espoused issues that blamed them for all of life’s ills.
    For her own sake, she really should retire from the public scene for a while.

    Her rambling talk in India about women who listen to men to decide how to vote must have hit some sore spots there. India is not in the forefront of women’s rights or freedom, so there might have been some pushback there resulting in a “broken hand/wrist” that required her to cancel other appearances.
    IMO, nothing was broken, there is no cast, it was all PR and CYA on Clinton’s part.

    • I’m sure you meant no offense….

      Trump is not just a billionaire-entertainment dabbler…

      He is a fearless leader without regard to what the political handlers would say…

      Issue comes up – Trump Tweets on it in minutes… Hillary and her politician ilk often need a committee to draft up 5-10 various responses that need to be vetted then run by a focus group and then shared….

      There are leaders all throughout our country in all walks of life – Trump is one and Hillary is not.