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Trump Putting Together Massive China Tariff Package

The Chinese have been stealing our technology and cheating on trade for years, and we do nothing about it because businesses think it’s still worth it and past administrations don’t want to pick a fight.

President Trump was elected on a nationalist platform that includes standing up for the United States. We shouldn’t be such pussies and worry about how other countries will respond. They need us, and they will come to an accommodation that is better for the United States than the status quo.

Remember – Washington never gets this, but New York might – with Trump, everything is a negotiating tactic. Everything is an opening bid. He’s looking for a better deal, but Washington always things he is trying to roll over people. Whatever he proposes on China is not where he expects to end up.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The Trump administration is putting together a package of anti-China measures, including tariffs on at least an annual $30 billion of Chinese imports, to pressure Beijing to end requirements that U.S. companies transfer technology to Chinese firms.

According to a White House official and people briefed on administration deliberations, the measures are the next part of an administration trade policy aimed at reducing the enormous U.S. trade deficit. President Donald Trump has said that he wants China to come up with a plan to slash its $375 billion merchandise trade surplus with the U.S. by $100 billion.

The measures, which are expected to be announced in the next week or two, arise from administration findings that China has violated U.S. intellectual property laws and has unfairly pressured U.S. companies to transfer technology. The administration, according to the individuals involved, estimates the damage to U.S. companies from forced technology transfer at $30 billion annually. The administration has been working for months on a report laying out the evidence for their allegations.

No final decisions about retaliation have yet been made, according to a White House spokeswoman.

3 Responses to Trump Putting Together Massive China Tariff Package

  1. Exactly right, Keith. I was a Foreign Service Officer in Guangzhou, China back in the 90s. Deng Xiaoping was in charge then and was opening up China to US investors. All the big companies could see was a billion plus potential consumers. Virtually no one seemed to recognize that although China was encouraging foreign investment they were firmly in control of just how much was going to benefit the foreign company and how much was going to benefit China. Even then there were knockoffs of a million and one US and other foreign products, from electronics to clothing. They violated intellectual property rights with impunity. You could buy knockoffs within blocks of the Embassy in Beijing. I’m so glad that Trump gets it, unlike Clinton, Bush & Obama.

    • Sarah, very interesting. And true. When the ancient traders from Persia and India, etc. sailed to China in the early days of sea commerce, Chinese craftsmen would create knockoffs of their navigation instruments, looms and other items they purchased from the foreign traders and put them on the market for sale at lower prices. They’ve been copying other peoples’ inventions and technology for thousands of years.

  2. After all the work Hank Kissinger went through to gut the U.S. of its means & ways to supply its own citizens in the name of equal economic opportunity for the communist Chinese who regard the U.S. as their enemy & for the benefit of the commercial party of national decomposition?