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Video || In Remarks, Tillerson Fails to Thank Trump

Secretary of State Tillerson said he will delegate all his responsibilities to Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan at the end of the day today and officially resign March 31.

What’s he supposed to thank him for, the humiliation of being fired via Twitter? Trump finally did speak to Tillerson from aboard Air Force One some amount of time after announcing he was out.

14 Responses to Video || In Remarks, Tillerson Fails to Thank Trump

  1. Should have given him the courtesy ahead of time. Also wrong for the guy at state to speak out so he needed to lose his job. Secretary Tillerson deserves more but one thing about the President, he speaks his mind. I think he is doing a lot of good things but this was not appropriate.

  2. There can only be one boss. It’s not government by committee – just look how Congress works.
    There’s more to this, more background.

    • How much money did he make while he was employed? Probably a whole helluva lot more than I make. I have been absolutely working my ass off for an awfully long time. So it’s a little hard to feel sorry for him.

      Also, I agree with SrDem, there’s more about this than we know.

      Nevertheless, pretty bad to fire the guy via social media. Trump making some sort of example of him? Harsh.

  3. Oh, Boopsie.
    Let me get out my hanky and wipe Rex’s ‘wittle nose and give him a hug.

    Fired by “text” you say?


    Sippy glass of warm milk? Maybe a special cookie to make it all feel better?

  4. “…delegate all his responsibilities by the end of the day…” So what’s he doing for the taxpayer money he will be paid for the next 2.5 weeks? Just amazing how these people don’t even think about spending other people’s money.

  5. OT: for a little relief from all the serious stuff:
    Hillary sprained her HAND in India and canceled all of her upcoming events there.
    Her hand!
    Yes, that’s the story and they’re sticking with it.
    o.m.g. her hand!

    • She is so wacky, Bill and Chelsea need to step up to the plate and encourage her to chill cuz Mrs. Weiner is clearly enjoying this, pitiful. Uggg

  6. What else will one expect from a man child?

    Tillerson a honorable man once said Trump is an idiot and he stands by it

    He is surely an Idiot