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Tillerson Out as Secretary of State; Trump to Nominate Pompeo

President Trump has ousted Secretary of State Tillerson, saying Tuesday that he will replace him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Gina Haspel, a longtime CIA official and currently the deputy director, will be nominated to become CIA director. She would be the first woman to do so. Both Pompeo and Haspel must be confirmed by Congress.

Trump announced the move via Twitter.

Tillerson’s departure has long been expected. He and Trump never bonded, and even many outside the administration questioned Tillerson’s suitability for the job.

Before departing the White House for California, Trump explained that he and Tillerson just weren’t on the same page:

Rex and I have been talking about this for a long time. We got along, actually, quite well but we disagreed on things. When you look at the Iran deal; I think it’s terrible, I guess he thought it was OK. I wanted to either break it or do something and he felt a little bit differently.

So we were not really thinking the same. With Mike, Mike Pompeo, we have a very similar thought process. I think it’s going to go very well. Rex is a very good man. I like Rex a lot. I really appreciate his commitment to service and I’ll be speaking to Rex over a long period of time . . . I actually got along well with Rex, but really it was a different mindset, a different thinking.

A spokesman for Tillerson told the Washington Post he “had every intention of staying” in his job and was “unaware of the reason” for his firing. The White House, but apparently not Trump, told Tillerson Friday that he would be leaving. Tillerson was traveling in Africa, and he cut the trip short.

A White House official Tuesday put out word that Trump wanted to have a new team in place before starting talks with North Korea and before he begins to embark on other discussions related to trade.

Haspel may be a controversial choice. While she has received rewards for her service, questions have been raised about her involvement with CIA detention sites. Nevertheless, despite his past conflicts with the agency, Trump has decided on what would appear to amount to a status quo choice by choosing from within its ranks.

For Tillerson, the announcement via Twitter amounts to a pretty unceremonious dumping. Usually with these things, there’s a small event at the Whtie House where the president and both the incoming and outgoing people make remarks and everyone pretends to be happy about the situation.

Trump did issue a statement thanking Tillerson, at least. “I want to thank Rex Tillerson for his service. A great deal has been accomplished over the last fourteen months, and I wish him and his family well,” Trump said.

20 thoughts on “Tillerson Out as Secretary of State; Trump to Nominate Pompeo”

  1. Mike Pompeo is even less qualified for the job than was Tillerson. Ultra-right Congressman from Kansas and…oh, that’s it.
    Although he advocates for regime change in North Korea and Iran, supports Netanyahu as a great partner, and is opposed to gender neutral bathrooms. Of course he is “qualified”. The Democrats and America had better figure out an alternative to all of this…you cannot defeat someone with no one.

  2. Long gone are the days when you send a diplomat over on a ship with correspondence taking weeks and weeks…

    John Kerry
    Hillary Clinton

    Let that sink in for a minute…..

    I think the republic can ‘survive’ Pompeo….

  3. It’s critical the President and the SecState be on the same page, so a positive move in that respect. Whether Pompeo is the guy who can deal with NK, Iran and the rest without losing his cool or saying stupid things will remain to be seen. This administration is very different than any in the past. Yet they seem to mostly make it work. Obama’s team was loaded with big resumes, and look at the mess they made!

  4. Tillerson disputed the President too often. He did his part, now it is time for someone else to take charge for a while.

    President Trump likes to move people around frequently. It is one of his strengths and he needs freedom to do that. The Senate needs to get off their butts and start confirming his picks. McConnell should either schedule 24/7 round-the-clock confirmation hearings one after the other until they are all done… or he should recess and let Trump appoint everyone in one fell swoop.

    1. ….But if you are hired by him you KNOW to do your job or else you will be dismissed via Twitter/Media…

      He gives people big opportunities…that is the thank you…

      He gets stuff done because he does not spend days and days on the choreographed firing plan.

      I like the quick dispatch.

      He’s got $20T in debt, North Korea, etc to deal with…. the feelings of people he tosses out… Yawn….

    2. I agree, Barbara. This is not a reality TV show. People should be allowed the dignity of resigning and not a tweet. That’s just wrong and cowardly. Face-to-face.

  5. You morons originally claimed hiring Tillerson was a favor to Putin. Now you’re saying his firing is a favor to Putin.

    Would it be too much to ask you to make up your freakin’ minds on which conspiracy theory we’re supposed to follow today?

  6. SecState, among other appointive positions, serves at the pleasure of the POTUS. Ponder, speculate, criticize however you like, the only one Tillerson had to please was DJT. He didn’t, so…’Bye.

  7. There’s a great quote from Marcus Aurelius about the actor who was hired by a producer for a three-act play and dismissed after two acts. The actor protests but is advised that the decision was not his to make. “Depart then satisfied, for he who releases thee is also satisfied.”

  8. A crass, undignified and totally unprofessional manner in which to publicly terminate the services of a man Trump himself enticed into accepting a position Tillerson never sought.

  9. So disappointed that Rex Tillerson is out. I had great hopes for him, especially since I’ve worked professionally with his sister, and know that he’s a Christian who loves and serves the Lord Jesus Christ. But I do understand that Christians can certainly have political policy differences with other Christians. May God bless Rex in his further endeavors, and may God bless Mr. Trump as he continues to deliver on his campaign promises to Make America Great Again … !

  10. Tillerson received 2 phone calls over the weekend from Kelly. He knew it was coming. He did not get along with the President, for him to think this was not coming shows how unaware he is.

  11. Trumps fires Secretary of State Rex Tillerson HOURS after he agrees with UK Prime Minister May for alleged Russian attempted assassination of Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia with that nerve agent in Britain?

    Coincidence? I think not..

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