As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Conservative Parkland School Shooting Survivor Meets with Melania

And then he got walked down the Collonade to the Oval Office.

This kid, Kyle Kashuv, has a lot of guts. I’m sure he’s taking untold abuses from Democrats and even his classmates for speaking out in favor of the Second Amendment and saying it was not cool to diss the president. Meantime, several of the students have been co-opted by the Democrats in their anti-firearms crusade.

According to Fox News:

While Parkland school shooting survivor and gun control advocate David Hogg bragged on national television about hanging up on the White House, fellow survivor and classmate Kyle Kashuv says he’d prefer to bridge the political divide.

Kashuv said Hogg’s boast on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” left him feeling dispirited.

“I was disappointed and angry,” Kashuv told Fox News on Friday. “Even if you don’t agree with the president, you should still support the president. What they did was wrong.”

What’s more, he’s actually creating an app for students who are being bullied or are emotionally troubled.

6 Responses to Video || Conservative Parkland School Shooting Survivor Meets with Melania

  1. No matter what the shouting is about, or who’s doing it, guns/firearms/weapons are a fact of life for humans.
    If we know how people react to certain situations, it’s almost a surety that some of the students who returned to school are now armed to protect themselves. Adults had abandoned them, so what to do – put that firearm in their sock, backpack, or wherever.

    The anti-firearm cabal is using children to further their sinister plan to unarm all of us, except for government forces.

  2. Kyle can be equated with the unpublisized, noncommercialized boomers who honored America during the Vietnam war. He has my support.

  3. Kyle has the courage of his convictions, good for him. He’ll remember the time he spent with Melania and the President for the rest of his life.