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Video || CNN Lists Trump’s Accomplishments!!

Yes, you read that correctly. CNN’s Alisyn Camerota didn’t get to all of his accomplishments – and some, like withdrawing from the Paris climate accords, she might think aren’t accomplishments at all – but she did list a few.

A new strategy for a network that badly lags MSNBC and Fox? A new commitment to journalism instead of incessant Trump bashing? To cite the name of a CNN show, a “New Day”?

Last night, CNN’s Erin Burnett said Trump would go down as a “great president” if he solved the North Korea crisis.

This is probably not a new approach by the network, but I can’t help thinking maybe it is – I’m an optimist by nature. CNN has smart people, and if they could only work a little bit to keep their bias in check, it might not be such a bad network. I love watching Fox, but I frankly get a little tired sometimes of all the cheerleading. It would be nice to have another option on occasion.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

8 Responses to Video || CNN Lists Trump’s Accomplishments!!

  1. Blumenthal should be reminded of his time in Vietnam.
    He is a liar.
    He has the audacity to give Obama credit for the economy.
    The man is a fool.

  2. I watch CNN International off and on. It is completely different than domestic CNN.

    CBS Evening News has even cooled it about reporting Russia, Russia, Russia ever since Jeff Glor, the new host, took over.

  3. Kilmeade is almost as bad as Hannity. Not that I disagree so much but the whining is fingernails meet chalkboard. Hume, Wallace, Carlson are winners.

  4. At this point I don’t care what any of the so called
    CNN journalist say, I will never watch or listen to them, I just do not trust these people or the network.