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Trump Accepts Kim Jong-Un Offer to Meet

President Trump has accepted an offer by North Korean President Kim Jong-Un to meet, and the two leaders will get together by May, South Korea official told reporters Thursday.

In a statement White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders suggested the circumstances of the meeting had not be finalized.

“President Trump greatly appreciates the nice words of the South Korean delegation and President Moon. He will accept the invitation to meet with Kim Jong Un at a place and time to be determined. We look forward to the denuclearization of North Korea. In the meantime, all sanctions and maximum pressure must remain.”

In what ranks as only an apparent concession, Kim said he was committed to denuclearization and pledged to refrain from nuclear and missile tests, while South Korea and the United States will still be permitted to hold joint military exercises.

This is all very demoralizing and dangerous. Note that the North did not say it would abandon or halt its nuclear weapons program. As they say, the centrifuges are still spinning.

The problem is that the North is on the cusp of an ability to strike the United States. Once it can do so with nuclear weapons, there is no turning back.

Kim has played very successfully for the time he needs. First, we had to go through the Olympics. Now we will wait another couple of months for a meeting between Trump and Kim. And then negotiators will start talking, and we’ll ease sanctions as a “carrot.”. And before you know it, it will be September and the North will angrily withdraw from the talks, perform new tests, and be ready to counter any U.S. hostile actions by dropping an nuclear weapon on Chicago.

What’s amazing is that none of this is new. North Korea has always used talks to distract the world while it builds its weapons. We’re falling for another ruse.

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  1. Were are already anticipating another ruse by NK and therefore this meeting should not take place unless they capitulate first? Maybe Kim Jong-Un read Trump’s books.
    The better alternative would be to bomb them into oblivion in a pre-emptive strike??
    I’ve confidence in Trump being able to recognize when he is being BS’d or not.
    And talking to them makes more sense then publically exchanging tweets. There’s no loss to a face to face meeting with both sides exchanging ‘frank’ words.

  2. I agree with these sentiments. The problem is time. Trump may already have permitted it to run out. The leaders don’t need to have talks in May. There need to be intensive talks immediately and then intrusive inspections. And yes, destroying them preemptively is a better option than a nuclear North Korea that can strike our cities. That is not an option, if only because of the chance of a mistake.

    1. I think the previous 8 years is what ran out the clock. At least Trump has got him to want to talk without sending him a plane load of cash.

  3. The anticipated Trump/Fat Boy meeting is yet another example of Trump’s application of Complexity Game Theory in the political domain, of which he is an absolute master. I don’t now where he learned the technique (used not only in scientific research (where we tend to think Complexity theory solely resides) , but also more and more in organizational planning, political science and business practices. It’s worth studying the theory in some depth, because it describes much about Trump’s approach to the Presidency and how he deals with people who are trying to destroy him and yet advance successfully toward his goals. Understand Complexity Game Theory and you’ll have fun seeing Trump apply it. He’s got some unique tactics (throwing a conceptual or verbal hand grenade in the room to force people to address a topic they have heretofore allowed to fester without being properly resolved–the current tariff issue being the most recent example of that tactic–, being painfully blunt, having a clear vision of the Future State of a situation, cutting directly to the core causes of a problem, etc. There’s lots more to it, but that’s just a taste. I had a CEO boss who used complexity theory in the company he ran, and it completely turned the company around–from a disaster heading toward bankruptcy to a world class operation. So I recognize the technique when I see it. Obviously the vast majority of corporate media, other politicians, the Jabberwookies, politicians and chinwaggers on every street corner in Washington and NYC are utterly confused and angered by what Trump is doing and how he’s doing it. He is miles ahead of them and they will never catch up. They’ll never get it. But I get what he doing and so do you.

    Here’s general write up of Complexity Game theory.

    1. Lovely; just bloody lovely. Watching this president operate is like watching the Trojans scratching their heads at the wooden horse.

      1. Yep. Trump purposely introduces chaos into the “system” in order to watch his opponents react. Their reaction reveals more about them than they realize, and allows Trump to deal with them accordingly. He purposely changes the rhythm of the music and watches his opponents stumble all over the dance floor. That’s what he’s doing with his Tweets. Fun to watch. Meanwhile, he’s getting the job done: ISIS on the run, unemployment at near record lows, stock market up 20%+, manufacturing plants coming back to America, enormous tax cuts, meeting with Fat Boy in May, etc. etc. etc. Lots more good stuff to come, no doubt. That’s why the fanatical Democrats are so mad at him. He’s showing them how it’s done when it’s done right. They will never forgive him for that. He doesn’t do everything right, but he’s batting 340-350, thereabouts. On the other hand, Barry Obama struck out just about every time he was at bat, except when the media-umpires let him walk. So there’s that.

        1. I’ve been saying the same thing for months… his tweets make us cringe, but he is masterful at getting people to the table to negotiate a resolution and move ahead. What we are witnessing is private sector strategy infused into a stagnant public sector. Friggin brilliant

    2. Interesting theory. This might explain his actions in the WhiteHouse, his announcements of what he plans to do on any issue, but it doesn’t go to the beginning.
      We know that one just doesn’t announce a run for the presidency of the US without some serious backing from someone (someone-s), nor is it reasonable to assume that his personal acquaintance with the many business leaders or military men is all it took to set up a governing program.
      It’s usual for a promising candidate to have the backing and approval of some outfit, or a political group. The logistics of simply being on the ballot of 50 different states is daunting and requires knowledge of each system.
      The Trump campaign seemed to be the product of the Chaos Theory – in simple terms Build It And They Will Come, but there was so much more that hasn’t been revealed.
      Is there someone (someone-s) he consults, someone he trusts implicitly who was with him from the beginning? No, not the Russians – that is a phony construct the Clintons used as a last ditch grenade meant to blow up or destroy MrTrump if he seemed to be winning.
      Almost every move, every announced project is meant to benefit big business, even when it’s not apparent. These benefits also bring benefits to the working class and keep the economy moving upward. If he can stop or reverse illegal immigration, then the benefit goes to the working class and big business isn’t being held responsible for supporting illegals with higher and higher taxes. He attacked the myriad of government regulations that hampered or crippled many businesses and cost jobs.
      The tax reform program’s benefits are easy to understand and productive for a healthy economy on all levels.
      Build up the military and build up the military complex of business.
      Unleash the oil business from government regulations and it takes off to make the US the leader in production.
      Almost everything he does denies the globalists, the one-world promoters any chance of forcing the US into an EU type of governing.
      MrTrump does not personally benefit from all of this, his pocketbook isn’t getting fatter, nor is his bottom line rising. Foreign nations – friend or foe-suddenly have respect for the US, some even fear our intents.
      Simply put – MrTrump is either the most brilliant President in modern history, or he is the front man for those who were dismayed by the trajectory of previous administrations that put the US into a deep decline.
      By using the Chaos Theory principal, all movements that happened in the WhiteHouse have affected events and concerns around the world – some good, some not.
      Complex? oh, you bet. The move to sue California and the low-rent politicians who have made it a sanctuary state for illegal aliens has an interesting result – the silence from the big businesses in California who are tasked with supporting a mass of millions of unemployable, non-English speaking people. Who benefits from the deportation (or self-deportation) of illegal aliens there – big business.

      1. You raise great questions, and the smart historians of the future will spend a lifetime addressing them. There’s no doubt this is one of the most unusual Presidencies we’ve had so far. I agree completely that there are clusters of interests behind the scenes–some business interests, some political gurus, some sub rosa influences, lots of others for sure. I think Trump taps into them as needed, and, when he does something counterproductive, they let him know in no uncertain terms. When the list of accomplishments under Trump’s belt is reviewed ( after just one year in office!) it’s actually amazing. He clearly is a still mystery to Democrats, RINO’s, and most of the media (which, like trained seals, ALWAYS rise to the bait he throws at them). They’re still playing Tiddlywinks and Trump’s playing 3-D chess. He’s light years ahead of them. Trump introduces creative chaos in the mix and then watches all the traditional (and predictable) “smart set” go nuts trying to figure out what’s going on. How they describe what Trump is doing reveals everything Trump wants to know about their true motivations and goals. And they miss the truth 90 percent of the time. And when the good stuff begins happening they can’t even begin to explain how it happened–how we got from Chaos to Order. Fun to watch.

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