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Here is Why Trump Needs Jeff Sessions

Because he will take actions like this.

The Department of Justice is suing California over state laws that prohibit businesses and police from cooperating with federal authorities trying to enforce immigration law.

The federal government has clear jurisdiction over immigration matters. Sanctuary cities are sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, but not for the Constitution.

Sessions is very tough on illegal immigration. And the country desperately needs that.

According to the Washington Times, there are the offending statutes:

Senate Bill 54, which took effect Jan. 1, bars state and local law enforcement officials from asking people their immigration status, prohibits them from holding migrants for pickup by ICE, and limits how much information they’re allowed to provide to ICE officers.

Assembly Bill 103, which became law last summer, requires a state-run inspection of migrants held in federal prisons — including the circumstances of their arrest and their processing. The new lawsuit says those requests are improper, and the state has “no lawful interest in investigating federal law enforcement efforts.”

Assembly Bill 450, which took effect Jan. 1, prohibits private employers from voluntarily sharing information with federal immigration officials or allowing officers in private areas of their business.

9 thoughts on “Here is Why Trump Needs Jeff Sessions”

  1. We need more than a lawsuit to break the sanctuary cities away from their lawlessness.
    Send a thousand ICE agents into the city, 2,000 if that’s what it takes.
    If one or more states declare that they won’t obey or respect a lawful federal decree, then we have anarchy on a great scale.
    This isn’t about civil rights – foreign agents don’t deserve to be given rights granted to citizens.

    1. It was rhetorical but…..

      You have to have a president and Atty Gen that enforces the laws when a state breaks the laws….. and seems we have that now…it’s been alot of years since we had that… 8 …. plus 8… plus 8 plus 4…. at least….

  2. I like Jeff Sessions. Wish he’d unrecuse himself from the Russian nonsense, but I suspect he’s quietly doing something behind the scenes about Hillary. I wish ICE would start deporting all illegals — I don’t understand how a “hardworking family” gets a nod to break our laws.

    1. I’m glad to see your post. I, too, believe Jeff Sessions is working quietly, off the radar — as much as possible — to get the job done. There’s a breaking story this morning that he is asking for a second special counsel to go after FISA Gate. And I believe he is totally serious about defeating California’s lawlessness on behalf of new voters for the Gimmedat party.

      As a retired broadcast journo from Alabama, I know Jeff Sessions and covered him from the time he became state AG until my retirement 10 years ago. I would bet my pension check that there’s no better man for the job he’s doing. The problems we have that are connected with illegal immigration and the left’s support of it are festering and getting worse daily. I can’t see them being “solved” or perhaps even significantly reduced on Sessions’ watch. But I do see hope in the form of a man I believe to be determined to make a dent and send a message to the pissants trying to destroy our culture and political system.

  3. Well,well. The Obama administration set the bar for government actions on immigration that prevents the individual state from impeding or placing themselves into the role of deciding who stays.
    Oh my. That Arizona thing has come back to bite the Dems.

  4. As a resident of the once Golden State, the state has been hijacked by the left of the left. Think about it…the state is too liberal for Diane Feinstein….
    There are a fair number of elected officials at the state level that have LaRaza in their resume’s. Kevin deLeon and Antonio Villaragosa are good examples.
    Basically we took California away from Mexico 160 years or so ago, and now that it’s developed they want it back….

    1. “Basically we took California away from Mexico 160 years or so ago, and now that it’s developed they want it back….”
      This is about the stupidest thing I have read in a while. Who is “they” ??

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