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Video || SNL’s Latest Trump Roast

They’re not all good, but this one was pretty funny, I thought. Looks like SNL was energized by President Trump tweeting that has been “agony for those who have been forced to watch” Alec Baldwin imitate him.

2 thoughts on “Video || SNL’s Latest Trump Roast”

  1. OT: kinda
    Am now binge watching reruns of “Law & Order”, the one set in NYC from the 1980’s to the early 1990’s.
    One name comes up in many of the episodes – Donald Trump. Either the actors compare a suspect to MrTrump or make other remarks about how it’s “Trump’s city”.
    None of the people in this video are even in the same category with MrTrump, none can compare with his background and success.
    If they want to ridicule the POTUS they can do it without my support of their program or what they do.

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