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Video || Democrats Not Understanding Guns

A great compendium by the Washington Free Beacon of Democrats trying to talk about guns. It includes misstatements by none other than Barack Obama and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that show that despite all their “passion” on the issue, they haven’t bothered to learn the first thing about firearms.

2 thoughts on “Video || Democrats Not Understanding Guns”

  1. I disagree – they know very well what gun ownership means to the American citizen and what damage the well -armed citizen can do to a government bent on tyranny.
    They may not understand the workings or fine points of a firearm, but they are afraid of the average Joe or Mary defending their rights.
    Both of these men wouldn’t feel safe if they didn’t have armed guards around them 24/7.
    When they decide to go about their lives unprotected, we’ll talk about guns.

    1. Indeed… I am always curious why “US Congressmen” & “US Senators” always need armed local-State-Federal ‘peace officers’ to protect them when they meet us lowly “voters” in their, so-called, own Districts…

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