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Trump: Obama Probe of Trump Campaign “Bigger Than Watergate”

President Trump Monday tweeted that the Obama administration’s probe into the Trump campaign was “bigger than Watergate.”

Trump is likely referring to testimony by former FBI Director James Comey that revealed the FBI began in July 2016 to inestigate the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

3 thoughts on “Trump: Obama Probe of Trump Campaign “Bigger Than Watergate””

  1. New EO….BOOM SAYS Q anon ! Better get your orange jump suit ready for Gitmo……..

    March 2018 – the Storm is now! Obama and Friends have done Sedition and new EO gives them Military tribunals. Love it!

  2. In the Watergate scandal, the Nixon crime was in the coverup. The actual burglary was never linked to Nixon himself.
    Now, the crime is in the government actions that superseded their mission and probably violated the civil rights of dozens of people.

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