In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Trump Schedule || Tuesday, March 6, 2018

2:00 pm || Meets with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven of Sweden 2:50 pm || Meets with Swedish business representatives; Roosevelt Room 3:30 pm || Holds a joint press conference with Prime Minister Löfven; East Room All times Eastern Live stream of press conference at 3:30 pm ******* Get my biography of Steve Bannon, “Bannon, Always the Rebel,” based on wide-ranging research and ten hours of exclusive interviews

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Netanyahu: Trump Embassy Move Will Be Remembered By Jews “Throughout the Ages”

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Monday compared President Trump’s actions toward Israel to those of British Lord Balfour and Harry S. Truman, who played key roles in establishing the state of Israel, saying that moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem would be remembered by Jews “throughout the ages.” He said the U.S. Israeli alliance has never been stronger, at least in the past 40 years. Netanyahu

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Trump: Obama Probe of Trump Campaign “Bigger Than Watergate”

President Trump Monday tweeted that the Obama administration’s probe into the Trump campaign was “bigger than Watergate.” Why did the Obama Administration start an investigation into the Trump Campaign (with zero proof of wrongdoing) long before the Election in November? Wanted to discredit so Crooked H would win. Unprecedented. Bigger than Watergate! Plus, Obama did NOTHING about Russian meddling. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March

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Video || Democrats Not Understanding Guns

A great compendium by the Washington Free Beacon of Democrats trying to talk about guns. It includes misstatements by none other than Barack Obama and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that show that despite all their “passion” on the issue, they haven’t bothered to learn the first thing about firearms.

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Video || SNL’s Latest Trump Roast

They’re not all good, but this one was pretty funny, I thought. Looks like SNL was energized by President Trump tweeting that has been “agony for those who have been forced to watch” Alec Baldwin imitate him.

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Trump Schedule || Monday, March 5, 2018

11:00 am || Receives his daily intelligence briefing 12:15 pm || Meets with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu 2:00 pm || Meets with UN Ambassador Nikki Haley All times Eastern Live stream of White House briefing at 3:00 pm

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