As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

White House Dossier Will Not Publish today

Because of a windstorm in the Eastern United States and my having only intermittent, brief access to power and the Internet, White House Dossier will not publish today. It will return Monday. My apologies for the inconvenience.


16 Responses to White House Dossier Will Not Publish today

  1. No problem.
    As of now, I’m in charge here, not in the WhiteHouse.
    *Michelle Obama says she’s not interested in being POTUS, but wants to encourage thousands of young people to be like her, whatever she thinks she is.
    *Another school shooting, two reported killed and no suspect apprehended. Yet.
    *Someone thinks MrTrump wants his daughter and son -in-law to be evicted from the WhiteHouse.
    *MrTrump wrote a tweet making fun of the guy who makes fun of him on SNL. The MSM referred to his tweet as a “blast”.
    *The people who run the Oscars are confused and upset by accusations of sex offenders in their midst. In Hollywood, apparently being a sex offender is “who we are” and “our values” making accusations almost like treason to them.
    *The Mueller investigation into election meddling by the Russians has been shelved. It seems their focus is now on those who make money or deals with foreign national firms.

    Feel free to jump in, Keith has left the house!

  2. Mexican Ambassador resigns. Obama hold over with checkered past. No long term stability in her resume. Led the terrible Obama deal with Cuba.

    MSM all jumping on this as Trumps fault she is stepping down. MORE MSM fake news. Just the opposite of what they are saying. As usual!!!

    Where is Q ?? one week today since we have had a Q post!

  3. Since most of Mexico (looks that way) is planning on moving to the US, perhaps we should move our Mexican Embassy to Los Angeles and install one of the loud supporters of illegals as ambassador.
    There really is a problem with finding qualified people to serve in the Trump administration as opposed to those who lined up for jobs with Obama.
    The Obama people all had strange jobs in obscure organizations or college positions and a government job sounded good to them.
    The Trump people are employed in big corporations or have important jobs and are happy there.

    • Even better, we could give California “back” to Mexico. Let anyone in Cali now who is a US citizen move to the “rest” of the US (unless they WANT to stay in Cali/Mex) with the exception of politicians, naturally and then it really would make sense to have a consulate there.

      • If those California based companies cared about the “USA” maybe they should move into a State that is ‘friendly’ to the “United States of America”…
        Get out of that politically correct, communist-socialist state of California that will become ‘Venezuela on the Pacific’…

      • No, we need to reconquer California and make it an American state again. It has too much beauty, too many resources, etc., to just hand over to the Mexican invaders.

        ICE needs to start deporting thousands of illegals each day.

  4. Once again Mother Nature has darkened and silenced the better part of the North East with damaging winds.
    At some point, wouldn’t it be more sensible to replace the obsolete wooden electric poles with a more durable metal pole? Maybe even put some lines underground for safety.

  5. Friday I was up in Bronx NYC attending maritime training at SUNY Maritime…
    It was a wet-windy-wild winter mess driving to class, and then heading south to home during the Nor’easter.

  6. Can someone explain how a winter storm can knock out electricity to 1.5 million people in 2018? Every time!
    Have there been no upgrades to the power system in 100 years, are wooden poles the only ones available to the cities in the n.e.?
    It’s not a once in a while thing, it happens with every big storm, winter or summer.
    How. Why.

    • If it were the same 1.5 million people every time, I’d agree. But there are upwards of 50 million people in that part of the country.

      It’s all a matter of perspective. You can either weep that one and a half million lost power, or thank the Divine that millions and millions more, did not.

  7. Keith, I can hardly wait to hear what you have to say about the “just call me Meesh” to train girls to be just like her. Kind of the Oprah thing only here in the U.S. I swear Meesh is jealous of Oprah and competitive with her personally.

    More Meesh to listen to — can I stand it?

  8. According to a link on “Drudge”, a guy named Kimmel told millions of people that the perfect man “doesn’t have a penis”.
    No words.