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Warren Tries to Neutralize Her Pocahontas Problem

Elizabeth Warren wants to run for president in 2020, and as you probably know, she has a problem. She tried to claim she was a member of an oppressed minority when she was not, probably in order to help her career.

Well, according to Politico, she’s now trying to make sure that nobody in the oppressed minority is angry at her over the misunderstanding that in actuality, instead of not being a member of an oppressed minority, she is an entitled white person! She might have some Native American blood in one of her toes, according to family lore, but that’s it.

I mean, I’m a Jew whose forebears emigrated from Poland. And my skin is white. But Jews are from the Middle East, where people have tans. So that means somebody way back when had an affair with a gentile and it got all hushed up. So from now on, I’m offended by Polish jokes. Got it? No Polish jokes around here.

From the Politico piece:

Elizabeth Warren’s surprise address this month on her disputed Native American heritage was just one piece of a concerted campaign by the Massachusetts senator and potential 2020 hopeful to put the controversy behind her.

Derisively nicknamed “Pocahontas” by President Donald Trump over allegations that she used claims of Native American heritage to get a head start in her job search — a claim she and former colleagues strongly deny — Warren has met with close to a dozen tribal leaders and prominent activists recently.

She has also signed onto at least six bills directly related to Native American policy. It’s clearly an organized effort: Four of those co-sponsorships came within two days of her speech, and Warren endorsed two bills around that time even though they’d been introduced months earlier.

It comes as Warren considers a run for the White House in 2020. Her Feb. 14 address to the National Congress of American Indians was widely praised by conference attendees, and her allies viewed it as an important step forward for a potential candidate who had faced unexpectedly harsh criticism from both Republicans and some liberal activists over her claims of Cherokee and Delaware heritage despite a lack of documentation — a reality she acknowledged in the speech and her private conversations with Native American leaders.

6 thoughts on “Warren Tries to Neutralize Her Pocahontas Problem”

  1. “private conversations with Native American leaders” As in, “Let me go on pretending to be a Native American and I’ll do nice things for you.”

    Ah, transparency in government – ain’t it grand?

  2. Man, you are just not woke! If a man can claim he’s a woman, a White can claim he’s a Black, a political hack can claim he’s a journalist, then anything goes.
    Serious now: She’s making a mistake. If she would tell everyone how proud she was of her Native American heritage and wanted everyone to know, then it would be a plus. She can admit that she was mistaken, but it makes her sad.
    There are some sins, lies, and cheats that are better embraced than not.

  3. Warren’s blather illustrates one of the weird tactics of the fanatic left–trying to wrap themselves in the blanket of being some sort of victim–a victim of White people, of course. That’s the best kind of victimhood to strive for, apparently. Warren is a complete fraud, of course, and she earned that distinction by lying about who she really is. But we’ve all figured who she really is, to be sure.

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